Air Conditioner Turns on by Itself [Fixation Methods 2024]

So have you ever experienced this thing where your AC starts turning ON and OFF on its own? As we all know that Air Conditioners have really become a necessity of everyone’s life and without it survival is almost impossible.

If you face any inconvenience while dealing with it then of course you would have a tough time. Beside that, If one day you come across a situation where your AC starts turning ON and OFF on its own then instead of panicking, you must look up for the solution to solve this problem.

Air Conditioner Turns ON by Itself – Potential Reasons:

So you might think what potential reasons behind this behavior of your Air Conditioner Turns on by Itself are. Below I have mentioned some of the reasons which might be the real culprit behind this problem of yours.

  • Clogged Compressor
  • Defective Components
  • Energy Saver Features
  • Faulty Safety Switch

Troubleshooting Methods:

After mentioning the problems the next step is to solve them. Many of you would know more about the troubleshooting methods as compared to the rest but don’t worry, after reading this section every single person will become aware of the troubleshooting guide.

Air Conditioner Turns on by Itself
Air Conditioner Turns on by Itself

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  1. Clogged Compressor:

So one of the most common causes why your AC turns ON by itself is due to the presence of clogged or dirty compressors. Dirt or debris doesn’t allow the heat to be released in the surrounding produced by the compressor. As a result the temperature and the pressure within the unit increases.

Due to this the circuit breaks and you might experience a sudden AC shut down. Now you might ask why the circuit breaks. Well, the circuit breaks for the safety of your machine so it doesn’t get damaged due to high pressure and temperature. During the off time, your AC’s compressor will cool down and gain lower temperature.

After this, it will come back to its normal performance. You can avoid excess buildup on the compressor by cleaning the filters and coils regularly. The process is pretty simple, you just have to use hose pipe water but be careful with the pressure so you don’t damage other components. Moreover, the wires are also present inside the AC unit so you have to take proper safety precautions while performing the task. If you are not an expert of this domain then I suggest you hire a professional for the job.

  1. Defective Components:

If your industrial air conditioning installation gets turned ON and OFF automatically then it might be due to the presence of faulty components. For example, if the electronic board of the unit gets faulty then it will lead to unexpected reboots and shutdowns. Circuit board is responsible for controlling the fan unit. If other parts of the AC unit are damaged then they will make the board malfunction and will also increase the load on the thermal breaker. This will make it trip more often.

To escape this problem, you have to perform regular servicing of your air conditioner even if it is working fine and showing no visible problems. However, if the problem persists due to the presence of a faulty component then the best way is to take professional help. Reason being, circuit boards are extremely fragile and only experienced technicians can understand their working and fixing.

  1. Energy Saver Features:

In a hurry to call a professional? Well, don’t. Before taking help from experts or professionals, make sure that your unit doesn’t have sleep/energy saver mode enabled. Many brand new AC models have this feature present in them which helps in saving and conserving power. In case it is enabled, the unit will most likely turn ON and OFF at different times of the day.

Make sure to consider the user manual first to check for user instructions. If your AC unit has this feature enabled then turn it off for a few days and notice whether the problem still persists or not. If it does then the issue is most likely to fall in another category. After locating the real issue, you can turn ON the energy saver feature again for your benefit.

  1. Faulty Safety Switch:

If you have carried out all the above mentioned fixes but the issue still persists then I recommend you to try this last fix. Make sure to examine the working of Safety Switch. First check whether it is damaged or completely burned out. If it is damaged then you can get it fixed using some help but if it is damaged then you need to replace it with a new one.

Sometimes, troubleshooting faulty AC units can be performed by servicing the systems. So to know the exact solution of your problem, you must have professional help. Don’t try any repair work on your own because it might get dangerous for you.

Air Conditioner Turns on by Itself
Air Conditioner Turns on by Itself

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my AC turning ON and OFF automatically?

A – If your AC unit has a faulty electric supply cable, electrical faults from the circuit board or thermostat then it will cause your AC unit to turn ON and OFF unexpectedly.

Why does my air conditioner turn itself on?

A – Presence of faulty components might be the reason why your AC unit is turning ON by itself. For example, if the electronic circuit board of the unit is faulty then it will lead to unexpected shutdowns and reboots.

The End:

Coming across these issues which leave no trace of solution could be really frustrating. If you want to spare this frustration then you need to solve the issue on your own. I have mentioned some troubleshooting methods which can help you in identifying the real cause behind your problem.

Try every fix one by one, at least one of them will work out for you. If none of the solutions bring luck to you then the last option left is to take professional help. Get the damaged components replaced and check for the energy saver feature as well.

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