Bosch Dishwasher Cycles Explained [Complete Guide 2024]

You might have seen many dishwasher brands which offer different functionalities to their users. Unfortunately, you don’t get all the functionalities combined in a single product. This is where I would like to mention Bosch Dishwasher Cycles Explained. You will have more than 7 cycle options in this brand which are normally not offered by other brands.

My friends and I have been using a Bosch Dishwasher for a long time now. The time spent in using this dishwasher was sufficient enough to know about its various functionalities. During my use I became sure of the fact that this brand does justice with the money.

The most important thing to know about Bosch speed 60 cycle. Here you will get familiar with all of them.

  •       Auto-wash cycle
  •       Rinse-only cycle
  •       Heavy-wash cycle
  •       Delicate-wash cycle
  •       Normal-wash cycle
  •       Express-wash cycle
  •       Sanitise cycle
  •       Drying cycle

An important thing to note here is that most units have the first 5 cycles included as the primary components. If you want to consider the add-ons then include Bosch dishwasher sanitize mode and drying cycle as well.

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Bosch Dishwasher Cycles Explained

The main aim of introducing cycles in a Bosch dishwasher is to make your work easier. For this you will have to understand each and every cycle including their working, when to use them, how to use them. Bosch Dishwasher settings Explained Below.

Bosch Dishwasher Cycles Explained
Bosch Dishwasher Cycles Explained
  1.     Auto-wash cycle

The first and most important cycle is auto-wash. As the name suggests it works on an automatic mechanism. It will automatically figure out the right cleaning option for your dishes. During the cleaning process, the water temperature and durations of the cycles are automatically adjusted.

  1.     Heavy-wash cycle

Heavy-wash cycle comes in handy when you want to wash lots of dishes having filthy stains. Comparatively, this cycle consumes the longest runtime among other cycles.

  1.     Delicate-wash cycle

Delicate-wash cycle, pretty evident from its name, is used to wash delicate crockery including china sets, glass sets or crystal built. To prevent any damage, this cycle uses the lowest temperature than other cycles.

  1.     Express-wash cycle

If your plates or glasses are lightly soiled then using this cycle would be recommended. It cleans the dishes in the fastest possible way.

  1.     Normal-wash cycle

If you are a regular dishwasher user then instead of choosing any specific cycle option, go for a normal-wash cycle. This will complement your every need and requirement. Your everyday dishes will be cleaned easily with the help of this cycle. I personally prefer to use this option over the other available ones.

  1.     Bosch Sanitize cycle

Bosch Sanitize cycle, sometimes known as “Hygiene cycle” is used before any additional wash cycle. The reason for using this cycle is to kill any bacteria on the dishes. The water used in this cycle is heated up to 151 degrees Fahrenheit. This will surely kill 99.9% germs. Make sure that you turn on this cycle before using it otherwise it will be of no use.

  1.     Rinse-only cycle

Make sure to use this cycle option once you are done with washing your dishes thoroughly. This will play the role of cherry on the top by rinsing your utensils with hot water.

  1.     Quick-wash cycle

The name of Bosch dishwasher quick wash cycle came into being due to the time taken to wash the dishes. The time is fixed i.e. 60 minutes. Washing mildly dirty cups, plates and bowls is easy now with the help of a quick-wash cycle. A calculated amount of water and time will be consumed to make all the cleaning possible in 60 minutes, no matter what.

Summary Table

To grab the main crux of Bosch dishwasher cycles it is important to know about two things; the Bosch dishwasher cycle time duration of each cycle and a one-liner description regarding the working of each cycle. For this, consider the below mentioned table.





Useful in determining the required cycle for your dishes

95 – 135 minutes


Useful in washing many dishes with brutal stains

115 – 135 minutes


Useful in washing delicate dishes

80 minutes


Useful in washing lightly stained dishes

30 minutes


Useful in washing everyday dishes

90 – 110 minutes


Useful in performing a hygiene-cleaning with hot water

60 – 90 minutes

Rinse-only wash

Useful in rinsing the dishes

10 – 15 minutes


Useful in washing the dishes under 60 minutes

60 minutes


Difference between Bosch Dishwasher Auto and Normal Cycle

The main difference between the two dishwasher cycles lies in their operational mechanism along with the duration period. Normal-wash cycle, as discussed before, is used for cleaning everyday dishes. But you need to be careful with what you are calling “everyday dishes”.

They shouldn’t include delicate dishes that require a delicate-wash cycle. This wash-cycle option is good to go with because it shows great compatibility with the add-on functions. Moreover, it will take 90 – 115 minutes to complete the wash.

On the contrary, the auto-wash cycle makes the best use of built-in sensors in determining which cycle should be used. This cycle option generally takes more time i.e. 95 – 135 minutes. Regardless of the time used, this cycle option optimizes the energy consumption.

Bosch Dishwasher Cycles Explained
Bosch Dishwasher Cycles Explained

How to determine the right wash cycle?

There are various factors which will help you to choose the right wash cycle option for your dishes.

  •         The material of the dishes that you need to wash
  •         The amount of dirt and stains present
  •         The cleaning requirements

You can put it like this; if you want to wash your everyday dishes then definitely use a normal-wash cycle.

If you want to clean lots of dishes having brutal stains then go for a heavy-wash. Similarly, if you want to do a simple rinsing then choose a rinse-wash cycle.

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How Long Does a Dishwasher Run?

How Long Does Dishwasher Take? A Bosch dishwasher has fixed time durations for every cycle option. They will run for that amount of time only. An average running time is recorded to be 30 – 120 minutes but the cycles tend to run longer.

But as a user it is totally up to you which option you choose. The chosen option will then determine the running time of the cycle. The time duration of would be 115 – 135 minutes if you go for a heavy-wash.

The good news is that you can reduce the energy consumption by coupling the cycle option with eco-mode settings.

Moreover, detergent brand, water temperature and number of stacked dishes in the rack are also some of the determining factors of overall running time.

Bosch Dishwasher Cycles Explained
Bosch Dishwasher Cycles Explained

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q – What is the benefit of using Auto setting on Bosch Dishwasher?

A – The auto-setting on a Bosch dishwasher will automatically determine the right cycle for your dishes. According to the chosen cycle, the water temperature and duration will be adjusted. This will bring optimization in the energy consumption.

Q-How to Start Bosch Dishwasher?

A – To start A Bosch Dishwasher press the “Power Button” On the left Corner of the Panel.

Q – How to stop a Bosch Dishwasher cycle?

A – If you want to stop an on-going dishwasher cycle then you need to keep pressing the “Start” button until the “Active” light fades away.

Q – What is an Eco Mode on Bosch Dishwasher?

A – Evident from its name, it is a special program that allows users to save energy. When various cycles are activated then energy consumption also increases. To control this consumption make sure to have this Eco mode activated. A total of 523 KWh will be saved with the usage of this program over a time period of 12 months.

Q – What will happen on opening the Bosch Dishwasher door mid-cycle?

A – It is possible to do so but is not recommended at all. If you open your dishwasher’s door mid cycle then chances are that the hot water might splash on your kitchen’s floor. Secondly, many dishwashers stop the cycle once the door is opened during the process.

If it is a must for you to open the door mid-cycle then use a “Pause” button. This will stop the process for some time and when you are done you can resume it.


All in all, if you want to invest in a Bosch Dishwasher then it is totally recommended. As a personal user, I would suggest you explore more on this brand. You will have everything according to your requirement and will not face any major issue during the usage process. It is a 10 on 10 product in terms of quality, so grab yours now!

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