Fridge Making Noise When Door Closed [9 Issues Fixation]

Don’t tell me that you haven’t noticed the noises which your fridge makes when the door is closed. There are two possibilities for it; either the component has gone faulty or it is just your refrigerator’s regular noise.

After getting to know about these two queries you might get a little confused. Look, there are two situations for the Fridge Making Noise When Door Closed. One is that the sound is indicating the exemplary working of your fridge while the other informs about the possibility that the fridge might stop working.

The most important thing that distinguishes a concern and a normal situation is the nature of sound. Hearing a soft sound means the fridge is working as usual. But annoying and loud sounds surely means that there is something wrong.

Fridge Making Noise When Door Closed – Reasons And Fixes:

The former case will not require anything from you, however the latter one is a tricky case and needs your attention. We will explore more on this by first discussing the problem and then their related fixes.

1. Faulty Evaporator Fan:

Evaporator fans are used to regulate the temperature across the fridge. The job of the condenser is to bring the hot air out while the evaporator fan is busy transporting cold air. When this primary component becomes faulty then it will struggle to rotate. This struggle will produce loud noises indicating the fault.

Fix method

It is not a piece of cake to detect the presence of a faulty evaporator fan. Even if you do, it is not easy to replace it with a new one. However, there are proper guidelines available on the internet for your help but getting in contact with a technician might do the job.

2. Ice build-up:

You must have noticed that there is ice present on the walls of your refrigerator right? Well, it is not a concern if they have reasonable growth. In extreme conditions, they exceed their growth and cause further issues. Sometimes they even start growing in the components of your refrigerator. This will prevent it from working smoothly.

Fix method

Turn OFF the refrigerator and allow it to defrost completely. The ice will melt and after that you can clean it using a dry cloth. After all this, you plug back the switch and wait for the machine to work seamlessly.

Fridge Making Noise When Door Closed
Fridge Making Noise When Door Closed

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3. Clogged fan evaporator:

We have already discussed that an evaporator fan allows cold air to enter. In case something is blocking the fan, it will hinder its working and will produce loud noise. This noise is similar to the sound of a broken fan.

Fix method

Thoroughly check the fan evaporator for possible blockages. In case you find some dirt, debris or other particles, make sure to remove them. Along with this, you need to perform regular maintenance so you don’t face any bigger issue.

4. Loose Drain:

The presence of loose drains in your refrigerator will also make noise. Due to these you will most likely hear a noise that is somehow familiar to when an object is hitting something. Reason being, the drain is not closely and properly attached.

Fix method

Tighten the drains and make sure they are firmly attached to your appliance. Moreover, inspect other components as well so if there is an issue with them, you fix it right away.

Fridge Making Noise When Door Closed
Fridge Making Noise When Door Closed

6. Unclean Condenser:

The case of condenser is similar to the case of an evaporator fan. If the condenser is also blocked with dirt or debris then it will stop working and will start producing weird sounds.

Fix method

Have regular cleanups to avoid such extreme situations where one of the primary components stops working. Don’t worry as a simple cleaning will resolve the issue.

6. Newly Purchased Fridge:

Whenever you buy a new fridge and start it then it will make some noises initially. This is not any issue. In fact, it occurs because the fridge, including all its parts, are new and haven’t been lubricated enough. They are just getting used to working and during the process they might produce some noise.

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Fix method

There is no fix method for it as it is not an issue.

Fridge Making Noise When Door Closed
Fridge Making Noise When Door Closed

7. Low Temperature:

Setting your fridge to extremely low temperature will surely force it to produce unnecessary sound. It is basically an indication for you that the unit cannot control this load and an immediate action is required.

Fix method

Change the temperature as soon as possible before you end up involving yourself in a much worse situation.

8. Broken Doors:

If the doors of your refrigerator are broken then they will contribute to this issue. However, a faulty gasket will also make the refrigerator produce noise.

Fix method

In case of a faulty door, it needs to be replaced at your earliest. However, you can replace a faulty gasket on your own.

9. Smooth Working:

Most of the time, there is no serious reason for your fridge to produce noise. A soft gentle sound means that the fridge works fine and there isn’t any issue.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Should I worry about noisy fridge?

A soft gentle sound is not anything to panic about. However, if you hear extreme loud noises and you don’t feel good about them then it should be concerning for you.

Is a noisy fridge a fire hazard?

Loud noises coming from your fridge might be an indication that something is wrong and it could also prove to be a fire hazard.

My refrigerator is producing loud humming sounds, why?

In case your refrigerator is producing loud humming sounds, it might be due to a dirty condenser fan or condenser coils. This will force the refrigerator to work overtime.

Wrap up:

Always think about the good things first. If you hear a gentle sound then there is nothing to worry about. On the contrary, if you hear the exact opposite of gentle then you need to troubleshoot the problem as soon as possible. Delaying this matter might cost you a lot!

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