Fujitsu Mini Split Troubleshooting Guide [Fixation 2024]

Air conditioners are life-savers. I mean how could one possibly imagine their life without this amazing invention? Well, this invention gets annoying when it stops working or you come across a situation where you don’t know how to resolve the issue. Today, I will be talking about Fujitsu mini-split troubleshooting guide. Stay with me to find out more amazing information.

Fujitsu Mini Split Troubleshooting Guide – Common Problems

Some of the commonly faced problems by Fujitsu Mini Split Troubleshooting Guide users are:

  • Air Conditioner not Turning ON
  • Air Conditioner Flashing Lights
  • Water Leakage

Fujitsu Mini Split Issues and Fixes

In this section, I will be talking about Fujitsu mini split issues along with their fixes.

  • Air Conditioner not Turning ON

Fujitsu mini split not turning on might be due to the following two reasons.

Fujitsu Mini Split Troubleshooting Guide
Fujitsu Mini Split Troubleshooting Guide

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Air Conditioner is Dirty

The most common reason for your AC to not work is because it might be dirty. Unclean AC units can heavily damage the internal components of the cooling system. As a result, the AC unit will not be able to function properly due to the presence of debris and dust. There is a possibility for you to experience a sudden halt in the operations due to the same.

Fix Method

Clean the indoor unit properly to fix this issue.

Air Conditioner Tripped a Circuit

Check the circuit breaker box for possible faults like in wiring or the presence of tripped breakers. If this is so, simply flip back the switch to its original position and the issue should be resolved by then.

Fix Method

Have your AC unit checked by a local technician if your AC unit keeps on tripping the circuit unit.

Outdoor Unit is Overheating

If your AC unit is getting overheated then it will power off suddenly. Even if you press the power button, it will not turn on. Outdoor units are present outside and exposed to heat and sunlight. This becomes the primary cause for your cooling system to get overloaded. Keep the outdoor unit in shade and allow the system to cool before turning it ON again.

  • Air Conditioner Flashing Lights

The Fujitsu mini split indoor unit has LED lights which flash often. These flashing lights have a message to indicate regarding an underlying problem. By observing the number and color of flashes you can easily detect whether the problem is small or not.

Fix Method

Note down the color and number of flashes made by the unit. Cross check this information with the one present in the user manual. You can even check the error code list and find out what is the actual problem. Follow the troubleshooting guide to fix the problem.

  • Air Conditioner is Leaking Water

If your AC unit has started experiencing water leakage issues then it is most probably due to refrigerant leakage. When this happens the coolant escapes quickly freezing up the condensate. As a result, your AC unit will not cool the air and will cause water leakage.

Moreover, a refrigerant leakage can also cause the AC unit to freeze up, make noises, and become smelly or overheated. If you are experiencing all these issues then there is a 100% refrigerant leakage. In case of a clogged condensate drain line, your unit might experience a water leakage.

Fix Method

Call a technician to have a look at your unit. Moreover, clean the drain line properly to remove obstructions. Check for other visible damages if you see any.

How to Reset Fujitsu Air Conditioner

Luckily, Fujitsu air conditioners come with a reset button which is located on the remote control. You would read the labelling as “ACL” or “Reset”. It would also require a pin to get activated. Keep pressing the reset button until the control board screen goes blank. Wait for your system to perform a reboot.

Once you reset the air conditioner, you will have all the custom settings vanished and you will have to deal with the factory settings. It will definitely wipe away all the glitches as well as faults.

Additional Troubleshooting Guide

The additional troubleshooting steps include two things:

  • Checking the User Manual

Utilize your user manual and look for the errors you are facing. You need to confirm the model of your AC unit first and then jump on to the solution. This is because different AC models require a different troubleshooting step.

Look for the possible error codes displayed on your AC unit. Follow the steps in order to solve the issue. Contact technicians if the solution requires some electrical skills. Don’t try the fix on your own if you are not aware of these things.

  • Contact the Experts

If your AC unit is still under warranty then you can contact the experts to perform a thorough check on it. Get in touch with a local Fujitsu general contractor so that he can help you in repairing the unit as soon as possible.

Error Codes and their Meanings

LED Error Code Meaning
1 flash Communication error (Indoor unit – Outdoor unit)
2 flash Discharge pipe temperature sensor
3 flash Outdoor heat exchanger temperature (outlet) sensor
4 flash Outdoor temperature sensor
5 flash Outdoor heat exchanger temperature (mid) sensor
6 flash Discharge pipe temperature abnormal
7 flash Compressor temperature sensor
8 flash Heat sink temperature sensor
9 flash Pressure switch abnormal
10 flash Compressor temperature abnormal
12 flash IPM error
13 flash Compressor rotor position cannot detect
14 flash Compressor cannot operate
15 flash Outdoor fan abnormal (upper fan)
16 flash Outdoor fan abnormal (lower fan)
5 sec on/ 0.1 sec off repeat PAM voltage abnormality
5 sec on/ 1 sec off repeat Protect operation
5 sec on/ 2 sec off repeat PFC surge protection (permanent stop)
5 sec on/ 5 sec off repeat Fan malfunction
2 sec on/ 2 sec off repeat CT abnormality
2 sec on/ 5 sec off repeat Compressor temperature protection (permanent stop)
1 sec on/ 1 sec off repeat Pump down operation
0.5 sec on/ 0.5 sec off repeat Current surge protection
0.1 sec on/ 0.1 sec off repeat Thermistor malfunction
0.1 sec on/ 2 sec off repeat Compressor position detection malfunction
off No error
Fujitsu Mini Split Troubleshooting Guide
Fujitsu Mini Split Troubleshooting Guide

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Fujitsu mini split AC not cooling?

A – If your Fujitsu mini split AC is running but not performing any cooling then it means the filters have been blocked by dirt. Another reason might be that the thermostat is not set properly. If the filters have completed their duration then it is time to change them.

Why is the split AC not working?

A – The split AC might not be working due to insufficient power supply, faulty control board or defective wires. Make sure to check each and every component.

The End:

In conclusion, if your mini split AC isn’t working then the most common reasons would be related to inside faults or damages. You need to examine the whole situation very carefully in order to solve the issues that come your way. Take help from this article as it will show you step by step procedure.

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