GE Air Conditioner Troubleshooting [Problem Fixation 2024]

If you ever had the experience of using a GE air conditioner then you would feel that it is known for its low maintenance and high durability. There are a variety of options available such as window air conditioner, smart air conditioner or a split type AC. 

Despite their high quality features and other things, it is common for them to experience various issues which people usually find hard to troubleshoot. Today, I will be covering those issues along with their troubleshooting guides.

Common Problems Faced by GE Air Conditioner

Although there are many problems faced by the users of GE Air Conditioner Troubleshooting but the most common ones are explained below.

Air Conditioner Won’t Turn On:

If you come across the issue where your AC won’t turn ON then you need to find the answers of the following questions.

  • Is the air conditioner getting enough power supply?
  • Is the air conditioner properly plugged in?
  • Is my area experiencing a power outage?
  • Are there any tripped circuit breakers?

After making a confirmation regarding the proper working of the control board, the next thing to have your focus on is GE air conditioner. Check the compressor, power cord or control board for possible problems. In case any issue is found, contact the technician to solve the problem.

GE Window Air Conditioner is Dripping Water:

There is no explanation for your AC dripping water indoor other than an improper installation. Remember to have the air conditioner installed with the outdoor unit tilted down for condensation. This will help the water to drip outside and not inside. To resolve this issue, you can reinstall the GE window air conditioner.

GE Air Conditioner Troubleshooting
GE Air Conditioner Troubleshooting

GE Air Conditioner Faulty Wi-Fi Connection

All the GE smart air conditioners demand a strong Wi-Fi connection so that your phones can be connected. Experiencing a faulty Wi-Fi connection might be due to the following reasons.

  • Poor Wi-Fi connectivity in the area
  • Improper installation during Wi-Fi connection
  • Improper settings

The first step that you need to do is connect your Air Conditioner with the Wi-Fi. Check the Wi-Fi status whether it is currently down or not. To solve Wi-Fi related issues you can reset your AC unit either by using the reset button or turning your unit off for 5 minutes and then turning it back on.

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GE Air Conditioner Unresponsive Buttons

Having unresponsive buttons on your GE air conditioner might be frustrating. The most reasonable explanation for this is the misconnection between the AC unit and control panel. You will face this issue with a centralized AC, GE window unit or a mini split type having a remote control.

The remote batteries should be checked and replaced as soon as possible. After replacing the batteries, double check the working of unresponsive buttons. A light beeping noise should be heard when the button is pressed. This is a clear indication regarding the successful connection between the remote control and unit.

How to Reset GE Air Conditioner?

Resetting the GE air conditioner is as simple as it sounds. You simply have to unplug the power cord from the main supply, wait for about 2 – 3 minutes and then plug back the power cord. Turn ON the air conditioner to reset it. Only the issues with internal parts will be solved while other issues will need further adjustments.

GE Air Conditioner Troubleshooting Guide

Now it is time to jump right into the troubleshooting guide of GE air conditioners. Let’s do it, shall we?

Clean the Air Conditioner

GE air conditioners with dirty air filters will face issues like frozen coils, poor air circulation, dripping water and less cooling. Take out the filters and keep them under running water. Use a scrub or any piece of cloth for a deep cleaning. For cleaning dirty coils use a vacuum cleaner, compressed air and a small brush.

Allow all the dirty components to dry after cleaning them thoroughly. Adjust them into their respective positions and check if there is any difference than before. This method is highly usable for GE window air conditioners because they accumulate dust very easily.

Reinstall the Air Conditioner

Issues like leaking water, AC not blowing cold air, and condensation cartoonwise will be solved by reinstalling your air conditioner. You need to contact an expert or technician to do the job as it demands some high level skills. The technician himself will do all the required steps and you will have your AC working again.

Check Owner’s Manual

Getting help from the owner or user manual is the best approach to follow. All the troubleshooting methods are mentioned in the user manual so you don’t have to go through a tough time. Various error codes are also present along with their meanings and troubleshooting guides. But in case if everything fails then you can contact a technician to find the culprit.

Common Error Codes

Error Codes Meaning
E0 Unit doesn’t pump out water despite running in the Pump Mode
E1 Electronic control board functionality fault
E4 A full water bucket indication

Presence of a faulty bucket float switch

E8 Overload malfunctioning error
88 Indication regarding the successful connection between the unit and power
Cool LED Light Flashing Frozen evaporator coils
LED Light Flashing Red Indication that the filter needs cleaning


GE Air Conditioner Troubleshooting
GE Air Conditioner Troubleshooting

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the reset button on a window air conditioner?

You will find the reset button on a window air conditioner either near the power plug or within the control panel.

What is the common fault of the air conditioner?

A – The most common issue with the air conditioners is that networthhaven their fan controls and compressor can become faulty within a short time. This issue occurs when the air conditioner gets ON and OFF more often than regular.

The End:

Experiencing different issues will allow you to solve a appliancesissue variety of them. Don’t ever get scared of such issues in fact face them and try to troubleshoot them on your own. Take help from online resources and user manuals as well.

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