GE Refrigerator Making Loud Humming Noise [5 Fixation]

It is no wonder to say that the GE brand offers great appliances to its customers. Whether it is their refrigerator or any other appliance, they make sure to maintain their quality no matter what. But as I have always stated this fact that every appliance has its own pros and cons. Similarly, a GE refrigerator making loud humming noise becomes annoying if it continues to stay.

The users might get confused whether it is a timely glitch or something serious has happened. To clear all your confusion, today I will be talking about this issue. My talk will include the details of every potential problem along with its fix. Stay with me!

GE Refrigerator Making Loud Humming Noise – Potential Causes

The GE refrigerator might start producing loud humming noise due to the presence of following faulty components.

  • Evaporator fan blade
  • Condenser fan blade
  • Water inlet valve
  • Evaporator fan motor
  • Condenser fan motor
  • Compressor

Eligible Models:

This article will cover the issue of humming noise for the following GE models.

  • 1993 LPO
  • 90280JC
  • 90280JD
  • 90280JE
  • 90280JF
  • 90288JC
GE Refrigerator Making Loud Humming Noise
GE Refrigerator Making Loud Humming Noise

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GE refrigerator Making Loud Humming Noise – Troubleshooting Methods:

Carry out the following troubleshooting methods to have your issues fixed right away!

1. Checking the Evaporator Fan Blade:

The first and most important component to look at is the evaporator fan blade. Sometimes, it might happen that the evaporator fan gets obstructed with some unusual objects. To perform the checking, follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Make sure your fridge is unplugged
  • Open the freezer
  • Find the evaporator fan
  • Remove its cover and perform a 360 degrees rotation
  • Check whether the fan goes around smoothly or not
  • If there is something which is causing an obstruction then remove it quickly
  • Put back the fan cover
  • Re-plug your fridge
  • Check whether the humming noise still exists or not

2. Inspecting The Condenser Fan Blade:

The presence of condenser fans is mandatory in the fridge-unit because they help to cool down the condenser coils. Generally, it is located at the back of your fridge. Over time, if it gets obstructed by any object or icing then it will create loud and annoying humming noise. To inspect this component, follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Unplug the power cord of your fridge from the main outlet
  • Make sure you can easily access the back part of the refrigerator where the condenser fan is present
  • Once found, remove its cover
  • Perform a 360 degrees rotation on this fan as well
  • If you notice that something is obstructing the fan then remove that particular material
  • Put back the fan cover
  • Re-plug the refrigerator and check for the humming noise again

3. Checking The Water Inlet Valve:

If the humming noise gets loud while the ice-maker is being filled with water then the water inlet valve might be the real culprit. Main purpose of the water-inlet valve is that it allows water to flow into the ice maker. Over time, the minerals can build-up in the valve resulting in an improper water flow. To check the inlet valve, perform the following steps.

  • Use your user manual to locate the exact position of the water inlet valve
  • Once found, carefully listen whether the inlet valve is making the humming noise or not
  • If it is the real cause then replace the valve with a new one
  • Turn off the fridge
  • Remove the old water inlet valve
  • Add a new valve and turn ON your fridge again
  • See if the issue still persists or not

4. Testing The Evaporator Fan Motor:

Evaporator motor and evaporator fan go side by side. If the issue is not within the evaporator fan then it might be present within the evaporator motor. To test the fan motor, follow the following sequence of steps.

  •       Turn OFF your fridge and unplug it from the main outlet
  •       Find the evaporator fan motor with the help of user manual
  •       Once found, disconnect its wires
  •       Take a multimeter and test the fan motor with it
  •       If you witness no continuity on the multimeter then it means there is some issue and you need to replace this component
  •       In case of continuity, it indicates that there is no issue within the component

5. Inspecting The Condenser Fan Motor:

This is another component to be checked. To do this, consider the following steps.

  • Take your user manual
  • Locate the position of the condenser fan motor
  • Remove all the wires which are connected to it
  • Take a multimeter and do its testing
  • If no continuity is shown then it means the component is faulty and needs a replacement
  • On the other hand, if there is continuity then it means the component is working fine and doesn’t need any replacement

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Replacing the compressor:

Last but not the least, sometimes the real cause of the problem might be your compressor. With the passage of time, the internal components of the compressor stop working and start to produce humming noise. To resolve this issue, hire a technician and have your compressor checked. If it is not working fine then have it replaced as soon as possible.

GE Refrigerator Making Loud Humming Noise
GE Refrigerator Making Loud Humming Noise

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my GE refrigerator humming loudly?

A – Your GE refrigerator might be humming loudly because of a faulty compressor. The internal parts of the compressor wear out due to continuous working. Because of this, you might hear a humming noise.

Is it bad if my fridge is buzzing?

A – No, it is normal for a fridge to produce a buzzing sound. There is nothing to be worried about because this buzzing happens when the water valve is opened to fill the ice-maker.


In conclusion, if you want to get rid of the annoying humming noise of your refrigerator then you need to consider the proper functioning of the above mentioned components. Examine each and every part carefully and figure out which component is the real culprit. I have attached every piece of important information for your ease, good luck!

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