GE VS Samsung Washer [Comparison Which is Better in 2024]

When it comes to the comparison of two laundry washers, GE and Samsung are really interesting choices. All the features, appearance and technology might seem the same but yet there is a difference.

The purpose of this article is to make sure that you have knowledge about all the features and technologies used by each company and how they are different from each other. You will learn about advanced technology like AI (Artificial intelligence) and how the products are automated.

Both of the firms have made many improvements in how the washing machines are actually used. Before making an investment in buying the product there are some essential variations you should be aware of. As it’s better to do some research about the differences in products of different firms before making an investment.

GE VS Samsung Washer – Overview:

Let’s dive into the background of both the companies. Starting off with Samsung, it is a Korean based multinational company which is famous for the smart LED’s and a massive collection of galaxy cell phones. Samsung is the most well-known company all over the world. The manufacturing of Samsung products in bulk is in Korea.

As you all are familiar with the famous appliance company “Haier”, GE is the subordinate of this gigantic Chinese appliance company. Haier is an appliance based company so the main focus is on the appliances industry. In the past GE company was not in its best form but from the last couple of years a lot of progress have been made. If I talk about overall manufacturing of GE appliances, it is in the US.

Similarities Between GE and Samsung Front Load Washer

As both companies are well-known and they never failed to introduce outstanding products, one of which is front load washer. In terms of advancement, both of them are technologically advanced and provide the best technical features in their products. In short, it is safe to say that both have neck to neck similarities and very minor differences. Let’s discuss some of the similarities.


GE lists 10 different possibilities and 12 cycles. For Samsung the list is 23 and 13.Besides all other characteristics are the same. AI is one of the cycles of Samsung 23. For more details about this you will have to dig more into the article. There are wash/rinse combinations available for different types of fabrics.


Second common thing which both washers share is the steam system. Steam helps to remove the toughest stains and most of the advanced washers have this feature. And this feature has proved to be the best one.


Capacity is one of the most important things in a washer. Decent size of the washer helps to wash loads in a few times. Both of the washers are a bit large in size as compared to others. They are slightly larger than the normal washers, about 5 cubic feet. Other common front-loading washers are about 4.5 cubic feet. Just don’t go for the 5.5-6 cubic sizes, you will have to pay $700 for just one cubic foot.


Nowadays Wi-Fi is one of the main necessities in our daily life. In terms of appliances it is convenient but might not be a necessity and in laundry it completely makes sense. Basic things like turning the washer on and off, checking the detergent in the dispenser, keeping the record of remaining time on your phone and getting a text once the whole cycle is completed can be done remotely. You don’t have to wait in your basement to stare at the timer to complete its round. There is a feature in GE washer that it sets the drying cycle as well.

Clean and Allergen Cycle

In every upgraded and improved machine, you have cycles intended to eliminate   99% of allergen and microscopic dust mite communities. Due to the elimination of allergens, the loads in the washer are always clean, neat and fresh.

Speed Cycle

It takes about 60 minutes for both GE and Samsung to wash a small batch of laundry. LG Turbowash wash cycle uses five high-pressure tubes to reduce the duration of any cycle and load to 30 minutes.

GE VS Samsung Washer
GE VS Samsung Washer

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Differences between GE and Samsung Front Load Washer

  • Mold Control

The by-product of standing water is mold. In a front load washer the excessive water can be collected in the dispenser or the back of the appliance which produces the mold and its relative mildew. Few years ago GE was the first company to offer a complete mold package. The “Odor block” fan is included in the washer by GE to dry the moisture from the washer once the cycle is finished.

In this case GE is a little bit more effective than the other brand. The gasket and dispenser are made with the more recognized Micro ban antimicrobial surfaces in GE, whereas Samsung aped some of it through using the clean guard antimicrobial surfaces in the dispenser and gasket.

  • AI Multiple Controls

AI multi-control or multiple control is Artificial intelligence that combines multiple features, modes or functionality together. Whenever the term AI is used the very first thought we all have in our minds is about robots. But in reality AI is not only about robots and their working, it predicts the analytics. Now if we talk about Samsung, it also uses AI. 

The reason behind Samsung using AI is that it promotes your favorite cycle and personalizes your control panel. You can operate the dyer from the washer with Samsung’s multi controls. It is more convenient and comes in handy when you are stacking and are unable to reach the controls. 

Jumping into the AI controlling for LG, It might seem frustrating but GE has been using the AI for three years now. If you look inside the machine, the AI interacts with hundreds of sensors placed. The location of the controls is in the center which makes the use of dyer easy. As for this writing, GE had no AI controls.

  • Auto detergent dispenser

Here by the combination of words it is quite clear that the right amount of detergent in the dispenser is also beneficial. “Auto detergent dispenser” is important so that no amount of detergent is wasted, the washer stays clean and loads remain clean and fresh.
To Make it clearer let’s discuss this topic a bit more. The most common servicing issue of the washer is the overloading of the dispenser. Excess detergent in the washer will result in the problem.

You just need a capful of detergent in the front load washer, a quarter cup of detergent in the front load washer was needed previously. Auto dispensers have eliminated the problem of excessive detergent in the washer by releasing the accurate amount of detergent at the right time. With 32 loads, after whirlpool GE dispenser is the second largest.

  • Reversible Door

Reversible door might seem a very easy and common feature to be provided but only GE and Electrolux provide the reversible door feature. There are multiple scenarios where a reversible door is very convenient such as stacking or with the washer on left it becomes difficult to load and unload the clothes, but GE provides the reversible door feature which makes the loading and unloading of clothes easier.

  • Overnight wash and dry Cycle

In GE overnight you can easily dry your entire outfit. It is not clear whether all the manufacturers offer this cycle or not. In this process the clothes are washed normally as they are supposed to and then for a prolonged period of time it is dried in the dryer. This cycle might get useful to dry Kid’s school clothes, office shirts, gym wear, garments or an entire outfit.

GE VS Samsung Washer
GE VS Samsung Washer

Service of GE and Samsung Front Load Washer:

For the last 3 years Samsung has been selling their warranty for $1.00. One of the surprising things is that they don’t have a single technical staff to assist it. They manufacture attractive and reliable appliances. 

Moreover, the major criticism for Samsung is that their troubles have become your issues. To keep up with the rapid growth their support network of customer service, technicians and technical assistance needs to be enhanced. If we talk about GE on the other hand, it always had a service division. 

Haier purchased the company for the brand, production, manufacturing and service. You might have to pay for the warranty but whenever you will face any issue a team of technicians will be at your home, this is guaranteed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is a better washer, Samsung or GE?

A – If you talk about durability then in this case scenario, GE would be a better option. However, if you are looking for more options then choosing a Samsung washer would be a smart move to make.

How long does a GE washing machine last?

The estimated life-duration of a GE washing machine is around 10 – 13 years.


Both of the machines are remarkable and share almost the same characteristics. You can pick a model based on previous experiences, features and the reputation of the brand in the market/industry. 

However, if the supply is limited, it is possible you may prefer one brand over another. If you want to buy the washer and the model you are interested in is not available in the brand you like, there is always an option to go for an alternative brand as the appliances of different brands have more similarities and very less differences. Find a store you like, then select the brand to buy the appliance.

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