GE vs Whirlpool Washing Machine [Which is Better in 2024]

There is no doubt that whenever it comes to purchasing a good quality laundry washer GE and Whirlpool are the two major names that pop up in your mind. They have introduced some of the most popular and best washers in the market which makes both of the firms well-known all over the world.

But when you are planning to buy a washer, investment can be made only in one company right? So, here the question arises GE vs Whirlpool Washing Machine which one is better, who is the winner? All the doubts will be crystal clear as soon as you proceed with the article.

Let’s compare both of the top-notch washer brands and figure out who is the ultimate winner. For comparison, I’ll be looking into the price, quality, cycles, capacity, technologies that are used, and much more.

GE vs Whirlpool Washing Machine – Prices:

Pricing is one of the things that varies from model to model based on the features, technologies, capacity, design, size, and so on. GE and Whirlpool also have different pricing charts as the models produced by each firm vary from one another.

Starting with GE, there are different load washers available but if we talk about their most famous and latest load washers, they range from $643 to $1099, and for their front load counterparts the range goes from $943 to $1443.

The top load washer of Whirlpool on the other side has a price range between $579 and $1169 and the price range for the front load is from $799 to $1547.

The result for pricing can be determined by saying that you can buy a portable and affordable front load washer from GE at the best price of $999, and for Whirlpool it is a bit low in price, for only $944 a perfectly functioning front washer will be at your home. If you have a limited budget and want to invest in a front-load washer, then you can consider borrowing from reliable money lenders.

Colour collection of GE and Whirlpool Washers:

Colouring of the product matters a lot, if you are the person who wants each essential present in your house to complement the architecture of the house then for sure the colour collection of your washer matters a lot. If we talk about colour collection both firms have different types of colour collection.

Whirlpool offers 2 colours for the top load washer and 3 colours for the front load washer. On the other hand GE has 2 colours available for the top load washer and a wide range of 5 colours for the front load washer, impressive isn’t it? But there is a tie on the portable washer colour as both of them offer the portable washer in white colour only. Overall in terms of colour collection, I think GE wins the round.

GE vs Whirlpool Washing Machine
GE vs Whirlpool Washing Machine

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Capacity in GE and Whirlpool Washers

Both firms have different types of washers with different prices and different sizes. Let’s explore some of its washers.

Top load washer

Digging into the capacity of the top load washer, GE provides a capacity that ranges from 4.2 to 5.4 cubic feet. Talking about the Whirlpool top load washer, it ranges between 3.8 and 5.3 cubic feet.

Front-load counterparts

For the front load counterparts, GE manufactures the washer with a capacity of 2.4 to 5.3 cubic feet and Whirlpool manufactures the capacity of the washer in between 4.3 to 5 cubic feet.

Portable washer

For the GE portable washer, the capacity range is 2.8 cubic feet and the Whirlpool portable washer has a capacity of 1.6 cubic feet.

Here for the category of capacity, I think the winning choice will be the GE washer.

Number of Cycles for GE and Whirlpool Washer:

The number of cycles is one of the most important features of a washer. On average, I say a maximum of 9-10 cycles are required in Washer. However, few models of GE come up with up to 12 wash cycles and in general the GE washers have around 7-10 wash cycles.

Whirlpool comes up with a huge number of 32 washing cycles which in comparison with GE is way more. Mostly the standard cycle wash is up to 10 cycles but if we see the quantity of cycle wash provided by GE and Whirlpool I think here the Whirlpool washers win the race.

GE vs Whirlpool Washing Machine
GE vs Whirlpool Washing Machine

Wash and dry options in GE and Whirlpool Washers

GE and Whirlpool both produce front-load washers that can tumble dry a small batch of clothing in hot air. This feature is of utmost importance because if the load is reasonable, you won’t be needing a dryer to dry your clothes. After all, the front-load washer will dry your clothes for you. This feature is similar in both the washers so in this category GE and Whirlpool are at the same level.

Which Washer Has More Features?

In terms of features, it is safe to say that both firms produce their washers with the latest and multiple features. Whirlpool is progressing so fast that it is almost on the level of GE, if we analyse a few years ago there were pretty good chances of GE winning the trophy in the features category.

Some of the common features shared by both the washers are the smart features like Wi-Fi connectivity, and voice control and one of the most important features is Sanitize with Oxi. Sanitise with Oxi contains the Oxi agents which are used to kill 99% of bacteria and other germs that are present in your laundry.

Let me tell you another really interesting feature that is manufactured by both firms in their washers and that is the pre-soak feature. With this feature, you can easily set the washer to first soak the clothes, loads, garments, or outfits and then start the wash cycle to have a more hygienic washing of clothes. The manufacturers are manufacturing washing machines with a bunch of features that will make your laundry much easier than before. I count the feature thing of both firms equally as both of them produce an equal amount of features.

GE vs Whirlpool Washing Machine
GE vs Whirlpool Washing Machine

Smart Technology and Voice Control

In a world full of technology, if washing machines are using smart technology I am not surprised at all. Smart technology includes a lot of things but the top in discussion is Wi-Fi connectivity. Both of the manufacturers are working on how to improve their models and that made them reach a point where they have introduced Wi-Fi connectivity and voice control features so you can manage your laundry remotely.

Fascinating right? These models of washers are referred to as smart washers which can easily be operated by Alexa or Google Assistant. The other very popular words used in the smart technology world are IFTTT and Sonos in which GE got the edge as the manufacturers have introduced IFTTT and Sonos in their models. Hands down here as the result is obvious that in smart technology, GE wins with distinction.

Revolution per minute (RMP)

In washing machines, revolution per unit minute is important as more the no of revolutions per minute results in better dispensing of water out of the clothes and finer cleaning of clothes. Let’s compare the washer’s revolution per minute for both firms.

Top load washers

Top load washers of Whirlpool have up to 850 RMPs and for GE you will have RMPs up to 800.

Front load Washer

Front-load washers of Whirlpool have up to 1160 RMPs and for GE you will have RMPs up to 1300.

Both of them produce almost the same RMP, so it is a draw.

Comparison of GE and Whirlpool Dispensers

Both of the manufacturers have intended the dispenser in their washers. Each of them has equipped their washer with different dispensers such as bleach dispenser, detergent dispenser, and fabric softener dispenser.

There is a twist, the manufacturers have introduced a smart dispense mechanism that helps to dispense the accurate amount of detergent, bleach, or fabric softener at the right time.

Now you don’t have to measure the detergent for each washing cycle, this smart dispense mechanism will do it for you. Such a type of smart dispense mechanism used in Whirlpool is known as Load and Go.

This dispenser has enough detergent to clean up to 20-40 loads.  In GE the smart dispense mechanism is known as Smart Dispense Technology and this dispenser can hold enough detergent to clean up to 48 loads. GE wins with a very low margin here.

Portable models of GE and Whirlpool Washers

The portable models are typically the top load washers. These companies produce portable models. If I talk about the GE portable washer it manufactures 2 portable washer models, both of which are available in white color with a weight of 99 pounds and 8 washing cycles. Moving on to Whirlpool it only manufactures 1 portable washer model which is also available in white color only with 5 wash cycles and a weight of 81 pounds.

If you are a person for whom the size of the washer matters then definitely the best option is GE washers. Besides the size, I think you can consider any of the brands for the purchase of portable washers.

Washer models available for GE and Whirlpool

Both companies manufacture top-notch models. It’s better to have options when it comes to buying a model. As a result, these firms have done an amazing job of providing a variety of models with different features, sizes, capacities, and prices.

For the top load washer, Whirlpool offers 14 models whereas GE offers slightly more models for top load washer than Whirlpool which has 20 models. For front load washers, Whirlpool offers 6 models and GE offers 10 models. In the category of how many models each firm manufactures, GE wins again.

Warranties for GE and Whirlpool Washers

Starting with the warranty of Whirlpool. Whirlpool offers a full year of warranty including the labour and parts, it starts from the day the washer is purchased. As time passes by and one whole year is completed, the warranty gets limited on specific parts and the labour cost is on you.

Now if I talk about GE washer’s warranty, they provide a much longer warranty than Whirlpool. For GE the limited warranty goes up to 10 years and for some GE washer models the warranty is extended up to 20 years except for GE Space maker models, their warranty is limited to almost 5 years.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is GE or Whirlpool better?

It is totally up to your preferences whether you want to buy a GR or Whirlpool washer. In case of reliability, it is recommended to go for GE otherwise Whirlpool.

Are GE and Whirlpool the same?

No, GE and Whirlpool are two different providers of home goods.


Both of the firms are well-known for producing outstanding and remarkable appliances, but some obvious differences make one product better than the other. For the GE washer, I would like to conclude that it wins the battle in the field of smart functionality, sizing, capacity, features, and specifications.

The models manufactured by GE are way too stylish and are available in different colors. But I noticed some of the obvious features of Whirlpool models, they are easy to understand, functionality is easy, the models are budget friendly and you can enjoy much more wash cycles.

However, if I conclude the whole comparison of GE vs. Whirlpool, it is safe to say that GE washers are slightly better than Whirlpool washers. The decision and conclusion may vary with time and your experience but so far I think GE washers have an edge over Whirlpool washers. 

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