GE Washer Fills with Water then Stops [9 Fixations in 2024]

Many people buy GE washers with the intention to take the majority of the work from it. You might expect your washer to start as soon as it fills with water. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. If your GE washer fills with water and stops then there could be many reasons for it. In this guide I will be talking about those reasons in detail.

Why does My GE Washer Fill With Water And Then Stop?

Your GE washer might fill with water and then stop due to the following reasons.

  •       Error Code
  •       Wrong/Paused Cycle
  •       Freeze Storage
  •       Excess Suds
  •       Opened Lid
  •       Stuck Tub
  •       Drainage Obstruction
  •       Component Failure

In your case if the reason is component failure then you need to check the heater, drive belt, water-level switch, motor and the control module. If any of these components fail then the only solution is to replace them. Contact an expert for this cause.

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GE Washer fills with water then stops – How to fix it?

The working of GE washer doesn’t involve water filling followed by an interruption. If it happens then there is something wrong going on. How to determine what is wrong with the washer, you may ask. Well, now I am going to discuss the potential reasons along with their fixes.

GE Washer Fills with Water then Stops
GE Washer Fills with Water then Stops

  1. Error Code

The presence of an error code on your GE washer might be the culprit behind the whole issue. Error code tries to inform you about a potential issue which needs your undivided attention. If you decide to overlook the issue then obviously your washer will refuse to operate.

Fix Method

Clear the error by resetting your washer. To do this you need to follow the below steps.

  • Turn OFF the main power supply
  • Unplug the power cord from the main outlet
  • Wait for 60 seconds
  • Plug back the power cord and check whether the code disappeared or not
  • If it didn’t disappear then try to solve the error by taking online help

  1. Paused Cycle

Pressing Pause button unintentionally might interfere with the normal working of your washer. It might happen that you press the pause button without even realizing it. Make sure to check this possibility as well.

Fix Method

If you find the washer stuck on Pause then you need to resume the wash cycle. To do this press the Pause button again or restart the washer.

  1. Wrong Cycle

Choosing a wrong cycle might also result in your washer getting stopped. Some settings prevent the washer from starting operating after the water fill up process. If the settings are no-drain, soak setting or no-spin then your washer will refuse to start. In case of a soak setting, the washer will start working after it has drawn water. This process is 15-30 minutes long.

Fix Method

Choose the correct setting on your washer and if any of the three settings no-drain, no spin or soak is enabled then override it with another one.

  1. Freeze Storage

Freeze storage means storing your washer below the freezing range i.e. 00C or 320F. It will lock the washer’s motor and will prevent it from working.

Fix Method

Allow some ventilation of warm air into your washer if the air temperature is below the freezing range.

  1. Excess Suds

Presence of excessive suds prevents your washer from running. It might happen due to the usage of too much detergent or selecting the wrong type of detergent. Both of these things will make GE washers stop working.

Fix Method

Try to use the detergent which is specified by the manufacturer. Moreover, use a reasonable amount of detergent for washing the clothes. If you can’t understand anything then the best approach is to use the High Efficiency detergents.

  1. Opened Lid

Is your washer’s lid open during the wash cycle? If yes then you have got your answer. It doesn’t matter whether the lid is slightly opened or fully opened, the important thing is that it is opened. It might happen due to the presence of a faulty lid switch or any hurdle that is preventing the lid from getting closed properly.

Fix Method

After figuring out what the issue is with your washer, the next step is to resolve it. Remove possible obstructions, check the lid switch with the help of a multimeter. If it lacks continuity then you need to replace it.

  1. Stuck Tub

Any object can get caught by the drum lock which will stop the drum from running. The object, however, will not stop the washer to fill water in fact it will prevent the washer from running once the water fill up process is completed.

Fix Method

Check the drum lock carefully and if you find any obstruction then remove it as soon as possible.

  1. Drainage Obstruction

After filling water, the next step of your washer should be to drain. If something is stopping the drainage then the washer itself won’t run. The drainage obstructions include clogged drain hose, water inlet valve and a drain pump.

Fix Method

First you need to clean and make the drain hose, water inlet valve and drain pump clog free. After that, straighten the drain hose if you witness any kinks.

  1. Component Failure

Following are some of the components which, if they fail, will affect the overall working of your washer.

Heating Element

The heating element is responsible for auto-turns when the washer starts working. If it gets burned, the water won’t be heated and the sensors will fail to detect the water heat which will prevent the washer’s drum from running.

Drive Belt

A faulty drive belt will not allow the drum to turn after filling the tub with water.

Water Level Switch

Water level switch regulates the washer fill up process. It will create an interference if it gets faulty.

Drive Motor

Hearing a humming noise? Well, it is time to check the drive motor thoroughly. It will stop the washer from running and will create a humming sound.

Control Module

The control module is considered to be the brain of your washer. If it gets faulty then the core functions of your washer will be greatly affected.

Fix Method

There is no solution other than replacing these components if they go bad. This is a professional’s job so it is recommended that you call a technician and get the defective components replaced.

GE Washer Fills with Water then Stops
GE Washer Fills with Water then Stops

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my GE washer not filling up with water?

Your GE washer might not fill with water due to unlatched lid, disconnected water supply valve, clogged inlet screens, reduced water pressure or control module fault.

GE washer fills with water but won’t wash, why?

The GE washer won’t wash after filling with water if the wrong setting is selected i.e. no-drain, soak or no-spin.

The End:

Now that you know what could be the possible reasons associated with your washer getting filled up but then stopping. You need to figure out on your own which problem is with your GE washer and then apply the relevant fix for it. All these fixes can be carried out on your own except the situation when the components fail.

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