How to Reset Samsung Dryer Control Board [Fixation 2024]

Do you own a Samsung dryer but it stopped working due to some reason? Now you are sitting clueless not knowing what exactly to do next. Well, you don’t have to worry because I am here and will be guiding you comprehensively about this issue.

I understand that dealing with a malfunctioning appliance can be extremely frustrating but if you understand how to troubleshoot this issue then it can save you a lot of pain. You don’t have to spend money on unnecessary repairs and demands once you get through this article thoroughly.

Working of Samsung Dryers:

Before jumping on to the reset part it is important to understand the working of Samsung dryers. Well, Samsung dryers use a combination of dryer parts such as sensors, airflow systems and heating elements to have your laundry dried efficiently.

The process works like this, you start the drying cycle, and the heating element generates heat which is then circulated throughout the drum using a fan. As the drying cycle starts, the heat generated from the heating element gets circulated throughout the drum with the help of a fan. Along with drum rotation, the hot air penetrates the wet clothes.

This evaporates the moisture from the clothes. The whole drying process is optimized with the help of sensors. These sensors detect the moisture level in the drum and allow the dryer to adjust the time accordingly.

Now as the clothes have been dried completely, the heating element gets turned off immediately and the dryer enters a cool phase. This process makes sure that your clothes are dried fully and effectively without causing any damage. Understanding the working of Samsung dryers is important to troubleshoot the issues easily.

Do Samsung Dryers have a Reset Button?

Unfortunately, Samsung Dryers don’t have a physical reset button. If any time your Samsung dryer stops spinning then you wouldn’t have the option of pressing a reset button to address this issue as there is no such button present on these dryers.

What you can do is troubleshoot the problem by checking the power supply, motor, switch and belt. After considering all these basic checks if the issue still hasn’t been solved then you might require some professional repair and diagnosis. Your first preference in case of any issue should be the user manual or customer support center.

How to Reset Samsung Dryer Control Board
How to Reset Samsung Dryer Control Board

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How to Reset Samsung Dryer Control Board?

You can perform a Samsung dryer reset when its moisture sensor dryer doesn’t heat or there is another issue faced by it. This can be done using power cycling techniques. There is not much rocket science involved in it as you have to turn off the dryer first and then turn it back on. But if you want to have a 360 view of this process then I recommend you to go through the following steps mentioned below.

Steps to Follow

  • Unplug the Samsung dryer from the main supply. If your Samsung dryer model requires disconnection from the main outlet as well as the circuit breaker to be turned off then you need to do both.
  • Make sure that the dryer has been completely disconnected by pressing the buttons on the control panel and ensuring that they stay unresponsive.
  • The Samsung dryer should remain disconnected from the power supply for at least 10 minutes. Once the machine’s power has been dissipated fully, re-establish the connections.
  • Reconnect the power and turn on the circuit breaker. Wait for 5 minutes so that the dryer fully restarts.

You need to know this thing that resetting your Samsung dryer isn’t always the best option to consider. For instance, if you are facing an error code then you will have to troubleshoot the error code instead of resetting your dryer because if you do the resetting without solving the error then chances are that it will appear again. Moreover, if you are resetting your dryer more often then it might be the reason for an underlying problem.

How can I reset my Samsung Dryer Control Board?

Sometimes you might come across this issue when your Samsung dryer doesn’t turn ON. Well, it might be due to a lot of reasons but the first and most important one to consider is the increasing complexity of household appliances.

In order to reset the control board of your Samsung Dryer, you need to perform a power cycle. For this you need to unplug the dryer or you can also switch off the circuit breakers. Wait for 5 – 10 minutes and soon after this, restore the power. Other than this, you can also consider inspecting other components like sensors, thermistor etc. If you are still unable to identify what’s wrong with the control board then the last option to consider is replacing it with a new one.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I run diagnostics on my Samsung dryer?

You need to follow the below mentioned steps in order to run diagnostics on your Samsung dryer.

  • Look inside the washer and check whether it is empty or not.
  • If not, make it empty and then turn ON the washer.
  • Keep pressing the start button until AS appears on the display.
  • Press “Start” again.
How to Reset Samsung Dryer Control Board
How to Reset Samsung Dryer Control Board

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Why isn’t my Samsung Dryer starting?

A – A faulty thermal fuse, broken drum belt, failed door switch along with other problems might be the reason for your Samsung dryer not starting up. Don’t just rely on these problems only as there are other problems as well which can contribute to this issue significantly.

The End:

All in all, dealing with a faulty Samsung Dryer is frustrating instagrambiosforboy and won’t give you any relief. If you really want to get rid of this issue then consider trying all the above mentioned solutions. Don’t jump on to the solution immediately, first analyze the situation and then try the fix associated with it. I hope my article will help you get through the difficult time when your Samsung Dryer refuses to work. Read the article thoroughly and make sure to perform every step carefully.

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