How to Set The Perfect Home Office

Creating the perfect home workspace is essential if you work freelance. It’s the key to achieving comfort, functionality, and expressing your personal style. 

We have prepared a detailed guide to help you organize your home office space correctly, ensuring it enhances your productivity.

Choose the right place for a home office 

Firstly, start by determining a place in your home where you can organize your workspace. It should be free from frequent movement of your family members or neighbors to avoid any distractions. 

Also, pay attention to the lighting; if possible, prefer artificial lighting as it is less strain on your eyes. If space in your apartment allows, establish clear boundaries between living and working areas; this separation helps to focus specifically on work rather than other distractions. 

Remember that during your workday in the office, you’ll not only be performing various tasks but also taking breaks, such as playing real money video poker. That’s why it’s worth considering the possibility of organizing a comfortable relaxation area right at your workplace.

Invest in the right furniture 

Don’t ignore the purchase of quality furniture, as your comfort throughout the workday depends on it. 

Choose a good ergonomic chair, preferably with various adjustment features (armrest height, backrest tilt, a special footrest, etc.). Such a chair provides excellent lumbar support, preventing back pain in the long run. 

As for the desk, it’s better to prefer models with adjustable height. This allows you to work not only sitting but also standing, which positively affects your physical condition. 

It’s also worth acquiring various storage elements – shelves, drawers, special containers. This will ensure accessibility to all necessary work items while maintaining order on your desk.

Think about quality lighting

No matter how good natural light may be in the room you’ve chosen for your home office, it’s also worth considering artificial lighting. 

It’s better to use spotlights that help focus light on the keyboard, documents for reading, and so on. Another small piece of advice regarding lighting – position your desk so that glares don’t interfere with your work.

Ensure ergonomics at your desk

When setting up your work monitor or laptop, make sure it’s at eye level or slightly below to avoid muscle strain and neck pain after long hours of work. 

Your keyboard and mouse should be at a height where your elbows are bent at approximately 90 degrees during work. Also, check if your feet reach the floor in your office chair; if not, you can get special footrests to keep your feet in the correct position.

Add decorative elements

Don’t overlook various decorative elements in your workspace, even if you work from home. They can help create a favorable environment that supports your emotional well-being. If possible, place artworks, personal photographs, and green plants in your workspace.

Another important aspect is choosing the right color scheme for your workspace. Try to avoid overly bright and intense colors as they can strain your eyes and lead to quick fatigue. 

It’s best to completely avoid red and its shades, but blue and green colors in the interior can help you relax and concentrate better. You can also use various motivational boards to inspire new achievements.

Maintain order in your workspace

Even if you work directly from home, the need to keep your desk organized remains crucial. Dedicate a few minutes each day to clear away unnecessary items from your desk. 

You can do this either before starting your workday or after its conclusion, depending on what suits you best. It’s also advisable to periodically review the items on your desk; there’s likely something there that you won’t need in the near future.

Monitor the air quality in your workspace

In the place where you will spend most of your day working, it is necessary to ensure proper ventilation and fresh air flow. 

Periodically ventilate the room to refresh the air, and if possible, consider purchasing a high-quality air purifier. 

The latter will be indispensable if you work in an area with polluted air where opening windows for ventilation is not an option. Green plants such as snake plants or peace lilies can also help maintain indoor air quality effectively.

Don’t forget to move during the workday

Make it a rule to take short breaks at least once an hour. If you’re worried about getting caught up in work, set reminders on your smartphone or tablet. 

You can also use a fitness tracker—many devices will remind you at intervals to stay active. Additionally, it’s beneficial to organize at least one walk outdoors during the day. Even 20 minutes of walking will refresh you and enhance your productivity.


Your home office should inspire you to achieve new work goals, provide comfort, and enhance your productivity. 

Believe that spending a little more time organizing a proper workspace will benefit you in the long run.

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