LG Direct Drive Washing Machine Problems [10 Fixation]

I haven’t said this thing in any of my articles that xyz brand doesn’t show any issue. In fact, I am of the view that every appliance has its own pros and cons. Today, I will be specifically targeting LG washing machines. This article will entirely cover LG Direct Drive washing machine problems. So stay tuned to know about the problems along with their fixes!

LG Direct Drive Washing Machine Problems

As an expert, I have listed down 10 common problems that you might encounter during your usage of LG washing machines.

1. LG Washing Machine Fails To Start:

The most critical problem that you might encounter is when your washing machine refuses to start.

Possible causes:

  • Power cord supply problem
  • Faulty door latch
  • Defective control panel display

Fix method

  • You first need to ensure the presence of a proper power supply. Make sure the outlet/socket in which the power cord is plugged in is supplying sufficient power supply.
  • Check the door latch if it is faulty or not. In case it is faulty, the door will not be closed properly and the machine will refuse to start.
  • If the above two aren’t the issue then do a check-up of your control panel display.

2. LG Washing Machine Making Noise And Producing Excessive Vibration:

Another common problem which LG users usually encounter is the excessive vibration and noise of washing machines.

Possible causes

When the clothes in the washer are put unevenly then the machine will definitely vibrate and make noise. Moreover, overloading the machine can also become a cause of noise and vibration.

Fix method

  • Distribute the clothes in the washer evenly. Make sure the washer is filled with clothes according to its capacity.
  • The place where your washing machine is placed should also be levelled.
  • Check for any loose objects or items. If found, make sure to tighten them to get rid of the vibration.
LG Direct Drive Washing Machine Problems
LG Direct Drive Washing Machine Problems

3. LG washing machine facing water leakage

Not a common issue but a rarely faced one by the users. Remember this, if you encounter a water leakage then the whole unit will be disturbed.

Possible causes

Problems with wire connections and hoses can contribute to water leakage. As the time passes, the hoses become weak and they start to develop cracks which become a cause of water leakage. Detergent dispensers and doors having worn-out seals can also cause a water seepage.

Fix method

  • Inspect the connections and hoses. Replace the hose with a new one if it has become faulty.
  • Now check the door seal. Clean the seal properly to remove all the possible residues. Moreover, examine the seal for possible cracks.

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4. LG washing Machine Producing Unpleasant Odour

Another attention grabbing problem is the presence of unpleasant odour.

Possible causes

The main cause of unpleasant odour is the moisture present in the washer drum after usage. When the drum isn’t allowed to dry after a cycle has been completed then the chances of mold growth increases.

Fix method

  • After you have washed the clothes, make sure to keep the washer door open. This will allow fresh air to pass through it.
  • Clean the detergent dispenser regularly after every use to get rid of this odour problem.

5. LG washing machine not washing clothes properly

Would you like to see your clothes dirty even after a proper wash cycle? Of course not! Well, this is one of the common issues which LG users face.

Possible Causes

Over-burdening the washing machine can lead to stained and uncleaned clothes. In this situation, the washer and detergent won’t be able to flow properly. Secondly, using an excessive amount of detergent will leave the residues on the clothes. Whereas, using a small amount of detergent can result in ineffective cleaning.

Fix method

  • Make sure you don’t overburden the machine. Along with this, use good-quality detergent with a reasonable amount. At last, select an appropriate wash cycle.

6. LG washing machine displaying error codes

Witnessing error codes on the control board means there is some issue. Every error code indicates a particular issue.

UE – Unbalanced load

UE error code indicates that the drum has been filled with unbalanced laundry. When the laundry is unevenly distributed, the washer experiences an unbalanced load.

Take out the clothes and redistribute them evenly.

OE – Drainage problem

A clogged hose, clogged filter or a defective drain pump can contribute to the drainage problem.

Check all the mentioned components in detail and unclog them by cleaning.

LE – Motor problem

LG washing machines will experience motor problems when the motor has become faulty or there is something wrong with the wiring.

Call an expert to get the job done as soon as possible.

PE – Water level problem

A water level problem occurs due to two reasons; either the water supply is problematic or the water level sensors have gone faulty.

Make sure there is sufficient water supply. Along with this, the water level sensors should be operational.

DE – Door problem

The washer will experience a door problem if the door is not closed properly.

Close the door firmly and also examine the door latch. In case, it is faulty then make a quick replacement for it.

7. LG washing machine facing spin cycle issues

One of the most common problems with the LG direct drive washing machine is the faulty spin cycles. There are many factors that contribute to this cause.

Possible Causes:

As discussed earlier, if the laundry inside the drum has been distributed unevenly then chances are that your washer will experience spin issues. Secondly, if the washing machine is placed at some place which is unbalanced then it will also lead to spin cycle issues. Last but not the least, clogged filters are also considered as contributing factors of this problem.

Fix method

First of all, distribute the clothes inside your drum evenly. Secondly, place your washing machine at some place which is balanced. At last, clean the clogged filters for a normal water flow.

8. LG Washing Machine Producing Extra Foam During Wash Cycle:

If your LG washing machine is producing extra foam during the wash cycle then it can lead to further issues like poor rinsing and ineffective cleaning.

Possible Causes

Using too much detergent in your wash cycle can lead to excessive foam. Well, it also depends on the quality of detergent that you are using.

Fix Method:

Use a reasonable amount of detergent for your wash cycle.

9. LG Washing Machine Facing Draining Problems

It becomes really tough when your washing machine starts facing draining problems. If this happens, you will most likely witness incomplete cycles, water overflow and water standing in the drum.

Possible causes

  • Clogged drain filters or hose

Fix method

With the passage of time, drain filters and hoses become clogged with lint and debris. It is important to clean them on a regular basis. Moreover, if you find any kinks in the hose, make sure to straighten them out.

10. LG Washing Machine Facing Door Issues

If there are door issues then it means the overall unit will be affected.

Possible Causes:

The main reason behind door issues is the misalignment or damage to the door latch. Smooth and normal working of the door will be affected if there is any misalignment.

Fix Method:

Inspect the door latch properly. If there is any issue or damage found then the only solution will be to replace the faulty component.

LG Direct Drive Washing Machine Problems
LG Direct Drive Washing Machine Problems

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Direct Drive Washers Good?

Yes, direct drive washers are considered to be better than the traditional belt-driven washers.

How long does a direct drive washing machine last?

A direct drive washing machine lasts for 10-15 years.

Wrap up:

In a nutshell, the most common problems faced by the LG washing machine users are mentioned above. If you experience a problem other than the mentioned ones then it is advised to contact an LG expert at your earliest.

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