LG Dryer d80 no Blockage [6 Issue Discussed & SOLVED 2024]

You might wonder about the various brands when it comes to purchasing your favorite electronic appliance. Don’t worry! We all go through the same. In today’s era, there are lots of brands which are available for your assistance. It is a good thing but sometimes it can be a bad thing as well. You better know the explanation for the former aspect but the latter one needs to be explained to you.

See it this way, when you have lots of options available then it becomes difficult for you to make a choice. Similarly, when it comes to various brands then you become confused which one to go for. Talking specifically about dryers will lead you towards the LG brand. It is undoubtedly one of the best brands available presently.

Users usually complain about a certain error which occurs regularly but they don’t have much knowledge about it. Today, we will be discussing the same error for your convenience.

LG Dryer d80 no blockage

If you ever come across a d80 error on your LG dryer then it means there is a vent blockage. This type of blockage occurs due to lint build-up in the bent or exhaust duct. On the contrary, what if you receive an LG dryer d80 no blockage error?

The common reasons for the occurrence of this error are mentioned below.

  •         Smaller load size
  •         Dirty lint filters
  •         Faulty heating element
  •         Blown-up fuse
  •         Tripped breaker
  •         Lack of gas supply (if you own a gas dryer)

All these reasons will be explained in detail in the next section of this article. Keep on reading to find out more.

LG dryer d80 no blockage Issues and fixes

If you don’t want to go through the hectic details then you can have a quick glance at the table mentioned-below.

Issue Fix
· Smaller load size Expand the load size to ¾ full
· Dirty lint filters Clean out the filters
· Burnt heating element Replace the heating element in case it is not showing any continuity on the multimeter
· Blown thermal fuse Make a quick replacement for your thermal fuse
· Tripped breaker Perform a reset if the breaker is tripped
· Lack of gas supply Ensure that you have enough gas and look for the possible leaks
LG dryer d80 no blockage Issues and fixes
LG dryer d80 no blockage Issues and fixes

What is the d80 error code on LG dryer?

d80 – Let’s break this code into two parts.

d    ->   Clogging or blockage

80  ->   80%

So d80 as a whole means that there is an 80% blockage in the vent, duct or exhaust. If we talk specifically about vent blockage then it could occur due to the following reasons.

  • Lint build-up in the exhaust

If you are using lint clothes more often then chances are that the lint might start piling up at the rare end of the exhaust pipe. This will activate the d80 error.

  • Crushed air duct

If your dryer’s air duct is damaged then it will require more time for drying due to blocked air flow. This will also cause a d80 error.

  •  Lengthy ducts

Make sure the duct doesn’t have many elbows or bends. This will also lengthen the drying time and as a result will activate the d80 error.

LG dryer d80 no blockage error code

At the end of the day, we have to understand this fact that we are dealing with machines. They cannot be 100% right all the time. Talking about the present scenario, sometimes you will receive a d80 blockage error even when there is no blockage. How would you deal with it?

Before jumping on to “How to” it is important to first know about “Why does this error occur”? Following are some factors which will trigger this error code.

LG dryer d80 no blockage error code
LG dryer d80 no blockage error code
  1. Smaller load size

In LG dryers, the sensors are overly sensitive. When the load size is smaller, sensors fail to sense the mass of the load. The sensors sense it as a fire hazard and immediately activates the d80 error.

Fix method

It is recommended to load enough clothes in the dryer which makes the load size 3⁄4 full. Don’t overload it because it will keep your clothes wet.

  1. Dirty lint filters

Lint filters are present in the dryer to trap the lint during the drying process. Sometimes the filters get over-accumulated with the lint and as a result the drying time exceeds. This situation is also interpreted as a fire-hazard so the error code d80 is activated accordingly.

Fix method

If you find the lint filters clogged or dirty then make sure to clean them. You can use soapy solution and warm water for an efficient cleaning.

  1. Faulty heating element

The heating element is an essential part of the dryer. It is important because it dries the clothes in the dryer. If it becomes faulty then you would have to face various problems like your clothes will remain wet and more electricity will be consumed due to lengthy drying time.

Fix method

Unplug the dryer and access the heating element. Check its terminals with the help of a multimeter. If you witness no continuity then it means the device has gone faulty and now is the time to replace it.

  1. Blown thermal fuse

A thermal fuse comes in handy when you want to protect your dryer from overheating and power-overload. If either of the two situations occur and your thermal fuse is not working then the dryer will immediately shut down causing a d80 error code.

Fix method

To make a confirmation regarding the working of the thermal fuse use a thermostat. If you witness no continuity then it means the fuse has been blown and needs a quick replacement.

  1. Tripped breaker

When a power-overload occurs, one of the two things will happen; either the thermal fuse will blow away or your breaker will be tripped. In case of a tripped breaker, the sensors will sense it and enable the d80 error code.

Fix method

Check the circuit breaker. If it is OFF then reset it as soon as possible.

  1. Lack of gas supply

In case of a gas dryer you should take extra precautions. Make sure there are no gas failures and the dryer is receiving sufficient gas supply. If it is not the case then get ready to witness the same d80 error.

Fix method

Check for the possible kinks in the dryer and ensure the gas supply.

How does the d80 no blockage error code comes up:

Sometimes the cause of d80 no blockage error could be a temperature change detected by a flow sensor or heat sensor. There are two types of sensors in the LG dryers – safety thermostats and high-temperature thermostats.

These sensors are pre-programmed in such a way that they will reach a specific temperature after sometime. So even if there has been no blockage, the d80 error will still pop up due to the temperature reach. You need to figure out the source that is causing excessive heat to do this.

How does the d80 no blockage error code comes up
How does the d80 no blockage error code comes up

Flow sense warning

Over 80% of the house fires occur due to dryers. Because of this, many additional devices have been attached with the dryer so in case of any serious situation the dryer either shuts down automatically or generates a warning beforehand. These features help in preventing the fire hazards.

Flow sense warning is useful because it informs you about a potential fire hazard. When an excessive rise in the heating algorithm is detected by the flow sense sensors then the error codes such as d80 and d90 pops up.

If you come across any of these errors then it is recommended to power off your dryer and check for the following triggers.

  •         Lint blockage
  •         Damaged exhaust pipe
  •         Clogged lint filters
  •         Lengthy ductwork

LG dryer d80 code troubleshooting

We have already explained all the potential triggers and their possible fixes in case of blockage and no blockage both. But still if you are facing the error code then you can consider the following steps to make it go away.

  •         Turn on the LG dryer
  •         Keep pressing the “Time dry” and “Signal” button for 3 seconds
  •         As soon as you see the “Off” word on the screen, your troubleshooting will be done by then

The steps might be a little different for different models. In that case, you need to consult the user manual for the correct instructions.

LG dryer d80 code troubleshooting
LG dryer d80 code troubleshooting

Alternative buttons:

  •         Turbo Steam (control lock) + Less Time
  •         Energy Saver + Less Time
  •         Time Dry + Wrinkle Care
  •         Wrinkle Care + Energy Saver 

LG dryer d80 reset:

Even after trying all the shared troubleshooting tips, if you are still facing the d80 error code then it is time to reset your dryer.

  •         Shut down your dryer
  •         Unplug it from the main switch
  •         Turn off the circuit breaker as well
  •         Press the Power + Start button for 5 seconds
  •         Re-plug the power cord and turn ON the circuit breaker
  •         Press the power button present on your dryer

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Frequently Asked Questions

My LG dryer keeps saying flow sense, why?

If your LG dryer keeps saying flow sense then it means there has been a lint blockage in the air filter or ductwork. Turn off the dryer and do the lint-unclogging for a smooth use.

How do I fix the d80 error code?

To make the d80 error go away it is important to unclog the ductwork or exhausts. If the issue still persists then you need to reset your dryer as soon as possible.

How can I reset the flow sense?

A – To reset the flow sense first you need to turn off the dryer. After that you need to keep the start button pressed for 5 seconds and at last restart the dryer.

Ending thoughts:

In conclusion, the issue is not always with the blockage. Sometimes the error could occur even if there is no blockage. You need to consider every possibility and then adopt the relevant fix for it. If nothing works out then it is recommended to reset your dryer accordingly.

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