Maytag Washer Fills with Water then Stops [Fixed 2024]

Maytag washers don’t need any introduction. They are literally considered life-savers from people’s perspective. Moreover, the hype created by this washer is next level. People will definitely bring this washer into consideration no matter what.

But with pros comes cons. There might occur a situation when the Maytag washer fills with water and then stops. Frustrating, isn’t it? Nobody would like such a situation where their electrical appliances have stopped working. For this specific scenario, I will be discussing the reasons for the occurrence along with their fixes.

Maytag Washer fills with water Then Stops Reasons

Before jumping on to fixes, I would like to first address the problems and then mention their solutions. The possible reasons are mentioned below.

  • Open lid
  • Enabled soak mode
  • Stuck objects
  • Clogged pump
  • Damaged cycle selector
  • Faulty drive belt
  • Non-workable heater
  • Damaged drive motor
  • Faulty pressure switch
  • Malfunctioning timer
  • Burnt control module

Maytag washer fills with water then stops – Troubleshooting methods

As an expert, I have dealt with almost every issue that could come along your way. Like previously mentioned, first I will give you an abstract view of the problem and then will move on to its fix.

Maytag Washer Fills with Water then Stops
Maytag Washer Fills with Water then Stops

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1. Open lid

The first and main reason why your Maytag washer fills with water then stops is because of an open lid. Due to this, the water will fill but the washer will eventually stop or won’t even work in some cases.

The lid will be considered as opened due to the following reasons.

  • The lid has not been shut firmly
  • Some objects might be stuck between the lid, preventing it from being closed
  • Due to the presence of faulty lid switch, the lid wouldn’t be locked properly

Fix method:

Make sure the lid is closed firmly and properly. If it appears to be opened then it is recommended to check for possible obstructions. Remove the obstructions as soon as possible. Secondly, if it still doesn’t work then inspect the lid switch. To do this, use a multimeter and ensure the proper working of the switch. If there is no continuity shown then it means the switch is faulty. Possible solution for this is to replace it with a new one.

2. Enabled soak mode:

There is a mode present in your washer with the name “Soak mode”. Enabling this would definitely cause the mentioned-issue. As the name suggests, when the soak mode or cycle is enabled then it will hold the clothes for some time and soak them up. The time taken by this process is 10-15 minutes. The regular operations of the washer will resume once this cycle is over.

Fix method

To fix this issue there are two possibilities; one is to wait for the cycle to complete. Second, you can interrupt the cycle by pressing “Pause” or “Cancel” on the washer.

3. Stuck objects

The presence of stuck objects in the drum will cause the washer to stop filling up with water. Sensors will sense the presence of such objects and will interrupt the smooth or normal working of the washer.

Fix method

Remove all the possible obstructions from the drum and restart the washer once again. Moreover, check the drum lock and if it is faulty then fix it or replace it.

4. Clogged pump

If the pump or hose has been clogged then the washer wouldn’t be filling any water. Make sure that you inspect the two. The water flow and fill-up process will be highly affected due to clogged pumps or hoses.

Fix method

First you need to clean the clogged pump and hose of the washer. Secondly, if there are any kinks or twists in the drain hose then stretch them out. Doing this will improve the drainage of the washer.

5. Damaged cycle selector

The cycle selector switch has a great effect on the motor’s speed. Having a damaged cycle selector switch will stop the engine from working/operating. If this is the case then the washer will definitely not fill up with water. So whenever you witness that the motor is not running and the drum is not spinning then the possible reason would be the presence of a damaged cycle selector.

Fix method

You can ensure the proper working of the cycle selector switch using a multimeter. If it shows no continuity then it means it has gone faulty. Make a quick replacement for it.

6. Faulty drive belt

Drive or washer belt plays a very important role in the proper working of the washer. If it is too tight, broken or too loose then it will not turn when the motor runs. All the operations will be paused including the fill-up process.

Fix method:

The only possible solution for this problem is the replacement of the washer belt. The replacement process is a little complex so it is better if you contact a technician for this.

7. Non-workable/burnt heater

Heater is considered to be an important element of the washer. Reason being, the heater will turn ON as soon as the washer fills up. After reaching a specific temperature, the sensor will make the motor run and turn the drum. But this all will not happen if the heater has been burnt.

Fix method:

Underneath the front panel you will find the heater. Check if it has been burnt or not. In case it has gone faulty, replace it with a new one.

8. Damaged drive motor

Washer not being able to spin is due to the presence of damaged drive motor. Using the drive motor for a long time will make its brushes wear off or the motor itself will stop working. This will most definitely disturb the water-filling process.

Fix method:

Possible solution for a damaged or faulty appliance is to make a replacement. A faulty drive motor must be replaced no matter what.

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9. Faulty pressure switch

To regulate the water level in the washer it is important to have a workable pressure switch. In case it goes bad, there would be nothing available to control or monitor the washer level affecting the fill-up process as well. In addition to this, the motor will also not get any power in case the pressure switch has been faulty.

Fix method

Check the pressure switch with a multimeter. If no continuity is shown then it means it has become faulty and needs a replacement.

10.Defective timer

The working of the motor depends on the timer of the washer. Washer might fill up partially due to the presence of a defective timer. The motor receives the working-signal from the timer.

Fix method

You cannot just assume that the timer has gone bad due to the presence of a defective motor. Consider contacting an expert technician to have the timer examined properly.

11. Burnt control module:

After checking all the possible reasons, now is the time to divert your attention towards the control module. The control module is considered to be the brain of a washer. All the activities of the washer are controlled and coordinated by this control module. Due to some reason, if it burns out then the overall functioning of the washer will be affected including the fill-up process.

Fix method:

This should be the last consideration for you. If replacing the control module looks expensive then you can replace your washer as well.

Maytag Washer Fills with Water then Stops
Maytag Washer Fills with Water then Stops

Maytag washer won’t stop filling up, why?

The other issue could be that the washer isn’t stopping the fill-up process. Potential reasons for this problem are:

  • Water inlet valve staying open allowing water to run continuously
  • Presence of faulty pressure switch will fail to regulate the amount of water in the drum
  • Insufficient water pressure
  • Defective control module

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reset my Maytag washer?

To reset your Maytag washer, either unplug the power cord from the outlet for one minute and re-plug it or turn OFF the breaker for a minute or two and then turn it ON.

Why is the Maytag washer not filling up with enough water?

Maytag washer won’t fill up with enough water due to:

  • Open lid
  • Faulty cycle selector switch
  • Defective pressure switch
  • Malfunctioning timer


All in all, there are a total 11 reasons that could cause the problems for your washer. There are many more reasons but these are the most considered ones. Now your only job is to figure out the correct cause and apply a relevant fix against it.

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