My LG Refrigerator Is making a Knocking Noise [Fixes 2024]

Almost everyone has a refrigerator in their homes as an essential household appliance. The benefits of this appliance are truly uncountable. But what if it starts making unexpected noises? Well, this is actually a concerning issue for you to deal with. Many LG users register this complaint that their Refrigerator has started making a knocking noise. This knocking noise can be an indication of many things.

In this article, I will be discussing LG refrigerator making a knocking noise, its potential causes and troubleshooting guides. Stay with me as it is going to be a comprehensive guide.

My LG Refrigerator is making a Knocking Noise [Brand New] – What to do?

Well, if you have recently purchased an LG refrigerator and it starts making a knocking noise just after its purchase then you need to be more attentive towards this issue. There are a few potential reasons for this problem which need to be addressed immediately. Following steps can be taken in order to investigate and resolve the problem.

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  • Checking the Transportation Bolts

Brand new refrigerators often come with transportation bolts which are used to secure the compressor during the shipping process. You must remove these bolts during the installation process as their presence can cause the knocking noises.

  • Verifying Placement and Levelling

Make sure to place the refrigerator on a stable surface. The refrigerator should be levelled as well otherwise it will make noises including the knocking ones as well.

  • Defrosting the Cycle Operation

Keep this thing in mind that whenever you buy a refrigerator then it will for sure go through certain defrost cycles. During these cycles, you might hear some unusual noises. But the important thing to note here is that if the knocking noise exists even after the defrost cycles then you need to conduct further investigation.

My LG Refrigerator Is making a Knocking Noise
My LG Refrigerator Is making a Knocking Noise

Common Causes of Knocking Noises

In this section, I will be discussing the common causes of knocking noises made by LG refrigerators.

  • Typical Knocking Sound

If you don’t know about the knocking sound then the easiest way to understand it is by imagining a series of sharp rhythmic knocks and taps. It is, however, different from the usual clicks or hum associated with the refrigerator’s operation.

The knocking sound might occur for various reasons and can last for different time durations. The very first step in addressing the issue for a knocking sound is to pinpoint its source by understanding its characteristics.

  • Abnormal Knocking Noise

Abnormal knocking noise is entirely different from the typical knocking noise. However, the latter noise type might be a concern for you. The abnormal knocking noise resembles the irregular and sharp thuds that are generated from within the appliance. It is not a continuous rather an ON and OFF disturbance that is noticeable by everyone. Addressing the underlying issue of this problem is important to secure your refrigerator from major damages.

How to Fix Refrigerator’s Knocking Noise?

Now the next question is how to solve the knocking noise of LG refrigerators? This is what I will be discussing in this section of the article.

  • Make Sure the Refrigerator has Sufficient Clearance

The first step is to make sure there is enough clearance around your refrigerator. It is very important for the air circulation and it also prevents overheating. Make sure that there is a few inches of space between the walls and appliance. If the cabinets/walls and refrigerator are close enough then it can lead to a restricted airflow causing knocking noises.

  • Check the Evaporator Fan for Possible Obstruction

First of all, you need to know what an evaporator fan is. Basically, it is a component that circulates cold air throughout the refrigerator. In case it has become obstructed, it can lead to unusual sounds. Find the evaporator fan in the freezer compartment. Check for possible obstructions like food packaging, debris or ice buildup. Remove all these hurdles without damaging other components and fan blades. Now run the refrigerator and check for the knocking noise.

  • Check the Evaporator Fan for Damage

If you are still experiencing the knocking noise even after clearing the evaporator fan for possible obstructions, then it is time to inspect it for possible damages. To do this, first you need to unplug the refrigerator for safety purposes. Now open the freezer compartment and check the fan blades for misalignment, warping or bending. In case any issue is found, you will have to make the replacement as soon as possible. Contact a professional or technician to do the job.

  • Check the Condenser Fan for Dirt and Debris

The condenser fan is also an important part of your refrigerator. It is usually located at the bottom or back of your refrigerator and is responsible for dissipating heat that is generated during the cooling process. Over time, the blades can be accumulated with dirt and debris.

If this is the issue then you need to unplug the refrigerator first. Find the condenser fan and look for possible dirt obstruction. Use a soft brush and vacuum cleaner for cleaning. Once cleaned, plug back the refrigerator and check whether the knocking noises are still there or not.

  • Check the Condenser Fan for Possible Damage

If you are still hearing the knocking noise even after cleaning the condenser fan then it is time to check it for possible damages. Locate the condenser fan first and then check its blades for misalignment, bending or other deterioration. In case any issue is found, you need to call a technician to do the fan replacement. You cannot delay this as it needs to be done as soon as possible.

  • Inspect the Ice Maker for Ice-Jamming

Find out whether your LG refrigerator is equipped with an ice maker or not. If it is then ice jamming can be a common culprit behind knocking noises. To solve this issue, first you need to access the ice maker. Check for ice buildup or other obstructions. Carefully remove the ice buildup without damaging other components. Once cleaned, plug back the refrigerator and check whether the knocking noises still exist or not.

My LG Refrigerator Is making a Knocking Noise
My LG Refrigerator Is making a Knocking Noise

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my LG fridge making a knocking sound?

A – Your LG fridge makes a knocking sound when the compressor attains a higher speed than normal. This sound is similar to knocking, buzzing and banging.

Should I unplug my fridge if it is making loud noises?

A – Yes, you need to unplug your fridge if it is making loud noise because you will have to clean the evaporator fan and condenser fan which require you to do this for safety purposes.

The End:

Having a refrigerator that makes continuous knocking sounds could be frustrating. However, it is not the end of the world. You can fix this issue by keeping in mind various possibilities. In this article, I have tried to cover each and every aspect of this problem along with the troubleshooting guides. Make sure to give it a thorough read.

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