Samsung Air Conditioner Blinking Lights [7 Issues & Fixes]

Before jumping on to the actual topic, I want you to think about the old appliances and the new ones too. Did you come up with any difference? Of course you did. Even if the difference is not related to the functionality it must have something to do with the overall design and look of the product.

The presence of blinking lights have been the top addition in the latest appliances. Some manufacturers add these lights to enhance their designs whereas the others add these to inform about the related errors.

If you own a Samsung air conditioner and you witness Samsung Air Conditioner Blinking Lights then don’t ignore them. They are actually indicating to you about a problem. You need to troubleshoot that problem and get it fixed as soon as possible. Don’t worry, as we will be helping you through this Networthshelter.

Samsung Air Conditioner Blinking Lights [SOLVED]

Don’t ignore the blinking lights of your Samsung air conditioner at any cost. They are telling you about a fault. If you come across a similar situation then it means the possible triggers could be the following. Check more details on networthbumper.

  •       Incorrectly fitted or clogged filters
  •       Frozen coils
  •       Poor airflow
  •       Low refrigerant
  •       Electrical fault
  •       Faulty compressor
  •       Incorrect AC installation

If you find it difficult to remember which error is for which thing then you can remember the colours of the blinking lights to make this easier. Don’t panic yet, keep on reading to find out various interesting fixes.

Samsung Air Conditioner Blinking Lights
Samsung Air Conditioner Blinking Lights

Samsung Air Conditioner Blinking lights Issues & fixes:

By now if you are understanding what we are saying then it is good for you. We assume that you don’t require much details if you are really into this stuff. For your convenience, we have prepared a table which will help you to look for the issues and their relevant fixes without going into much details. Don’t worry as we will be explaining everything in detail as well.

Issues Blinking Lights (Colors) Fixes
Clogged or Incorrectly Fitted Filter Red blinking light Replace or fit the air filter correctly
Frozen Coils  Red + green blinking lights Call an expert to check the evaporator coils
Poor Airflow (Blocked Unit) Green or blue + red blinking lights Remove the blockages and keep the AC clean
Low Refrigerant  Green blinking light Call an expert to inspect and refill the refrigerant
Electrical Fault Green or red blinking lights Check the breaker, if it is okay then call a technician to inspect the wiring
Failing Compressor  Red blinking light Call a technician to check the compressor and replace it if found faulty
Incorrect AC Installation Call an HVAC expert and mention the error codes you are witnessing


Samsung Air Conditioner Blinking lights
Samsung Air Conditioner Blinking lights

Troubleshooting Samsung air conditioner blinking lights:

You must consider the following triggers when it comes to your air conditioner blinking lights.

Clogged or Incorrectly Installed Filters:

If the filters have been clogged with dirt or they have been incorrectly installed/fitted then your air conditioner will start blinking the filter indicator light. The colour of the light would be red so make sure you remember it.

Another way to check for the same issue is to observe the cooling intensity. If the filters are clogged then your AC won’t do a proper cooling.

Fix method

Check whether the filters are correctly fitted. If so, check for the filth they are holding. Clean them properly or if they have been in use for 6 months then simply replace them.

Frozen Coils:

You will get to know about the frozen coils when the air conditioner blinks red and green lights. If you find the evaporator coils to be frozen then it is a clear indication of a refrigerant leak.

Fix method

Make sure your AC is OFF. Now open the front panel and look for the coils. If you find them frozen then call a professional to get the job done.

Poor Airflow:

You will experience a poor airflow when something is blocking your indoor or outdoor unit. This way the air won’t circulate properly and you will feel a clear difference. Also the AC will start blinking green or a combination of blue and red light.

Fix method

Check for the Networthshelter blockages that might be blocking your indoor or outdoor units. Remove heavy curtains and clean the outdoor unit with a brush to keep it in a good position.

Low Refrigerant:

If you witness a green light blinking then it means the refrigerant level of your AC has dropped. In this case, the AC won’t provide sufficient heating and cooling. This happens when there are certain leakages which are causing the refrigerant to drop.

Fix method

Inspect the refrigerant metre. If you see a drop in there then it is time to call an expert at your earliest.

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Electrical Fault:

Sometimes the issue is with the wiring. Your AC will blink green light several times to indicate a wiring issue or a red light in case of a circuit board malfunctioning. The electrical fault includes:

  •       Loose wiring
  •       Broken wires
  •       Irregular power
  •       Damaged cord

Fix method

If you know the basic knowledge regarding tech then check the PCB and wiring for yourself. If you cannot do this then call a technician to get the job done. Be careful as it can cause serious safety hazards.

Faulty Compressor:

If your AC is again blinking a red light and your filters are in a good condition then chances are that the compressor has gone faulty. It will cause your AC to work extra hard in maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature.

Fix method

To make a confirmation regarding a faulty compressor it is recommended to check the error codes. If you witness an E403 error code then it means you have an issue within your compressor. Call an expert to get your compressor fixed or replaced.

Incorrect Air Conditioner Installation

Your Samsung AC could also be blinking lights in case of an incorrect installation. Don’t worry as it doesn’t mean that the whole unit is faulty. You just need to check the installation, if it is not done properly then do it again. In this case, the error codes could be: (201, 556, EA, 203 etc.).

Fix method

Whatever code you are encountering, discuss it with your technician and get it fixed right away.

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Blinking Lights And Their Troubleshooting:

You can fix the blinking lights by following the various troubleshooting steps.

Samsung AC Blinking Green Light:

Green light indicates smooth working. But it can also indicate a fault which could be any one of the following.

  • Power outage

If there has been a power outage then the chances are that the breaker will trip. Check the breaker box and turn ON the breaker if it has been OFF.

  • Blocked outdoor unit

Make sure nothing is blocking the outdoor unit. If so, the AC will start blinking green light. Check the outdoor unit and remove the possible blockages.

  • Refrigerant leak

The last possibility for the occurrence of a green light is the refrigerant leak. If the refrigerant drops a certain level then your AC will start blinking a green light. Call an expert and get your refrigerant refilled.

Samsung AC Blinking Green Light:
Samsung AC Blinking Green Light:

Samsung AC Blinking Red Light

Your AC will blink red light due to the following reasons.

  • Idle outdoor unit

If the outdoor unit (fan, compressor, and condenser) of your AC is not working then the AC will for sure indicate a red light. Inspect the outdoor unit to get rid of this.

  • Clogged air filters

If the currently installed air filters have been clogged then it will activate the red light. Clean them as soon as possible.

  • Tripped breaker

In case of a tripped breaker, the red light will blink. To take away this blinking, reset the breaker from the breaker box.

  • Malfunctioning circuit board

Lastly, if the circuit board of your AC unit has been malfunctioning then it will immediately activate the red light. Get the circuit board fixed from a technician.

Samsung AC Blinking Red And Green Light:

You will see your AC blinking red and green light simultaneously, which is very rare. But if it happens then it will be due to two reasons:

  • Clogged condensate pipe

A clogged condensate pipe will surely make the AC blink red and green light simultaneously. In this case you need to call an expert to fix the pipe.

  • Frozen evaporator coils

Low refrigerant level will cause the evaporator coils to freeze. Have your unit checked by an HVAC expert.

Samsung AC Blinking Red, Green And Blue Light:

This is a bit of a technical issue. If you see your AC flashing the three lights i.e. red, green and blue all at once then it is an EEPROM error. This happens when the communication between the outdoor unit’s chip and AC’s EEPROM chip gets interrupted.

Fix method

If you ever come across this issue then it is a good practice to reset your AC. If this doesn’t help then try consulting a professional.

Flashing Lights in Other Models of Samsung Air Conditioners:

There are other flashing lights as well which have their own meanings. Consider the table below to find out more.

Types Meaning
Ice blue blinking light (every 2 seconds) Power reset 
Ice blue blinking light (every 10 seconds) Defrost mode
Blue blinking light Outdoor unit fault
Blue + red blinking light Indoor fan error 
Blue + yellow blinking light Short/open circuit fault
Flickering reservation light Abnormal indoor temperature sensor
Flickering filter light Abnormal outdoor pipe temperature sensor 
Flickering reservation light + operation LED Abnormal indoor pipe temperature sensor
Flickering filter light + operation LED Abnormal outdoor temperature sensor 
Flickering filter light + reservation LED Communication fault between the outdoor and indoor unit


Frequently Asked Questions

My Samsung AC is blinking light but not working, why?

If your AC is blinking light but the unit itself is not working then it could be due to the following reasons.

  •       Clogged air filters
  •       Low refrigerant level
  •       Blockage at outdoor unit
  •       Faulty compressor
  •       Electrical fault
  •       Wrong installation

Fixing these issues will get your AC to work.

What does a blinking light on an AC mean?

A blinking light on an AC could mean several things like clogged air filters, electrical fault, and blockage at the units or the presence of a faulty compressor.

How can I reset my Samsung air conditioner?

To reset your AC first you need to turn it OFF. Then unplug the wire from the main supply and wait for 30 seconds. Plug it back in and restart your air conditioner.

My Samsung AC is blinking a red light, what does it mean?

If your Samsung AC is blinking a red light then it means there is a problem in the outdoor unit. Either it is not working or any component has gone faulty.

Ending words:

All in all, it is important to look over every issue deeply. When it comes to appliances then you don’t want to compromise because you have invested in the product. We have provided the issues along with their fixes so you don’t have to face any difficulty while dealing with various stuff.


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