17 Samsung Air Conditioner Error Codes Troubleshooting Guide

When you use various appliances, your knowledge is restricted to their use only. You don’t know about other things like what expected errors could occur or what they actually mean. For your ease, Samsung has provided you with a list of potential error codes that might help you in recognizing and solving the errors.

In this article, we are specifically talking about AC. It is a commonly used appliance and people usually panic when they come across its errors. They want the errors to be solved quickly so they can get back to enjoying the cool air. Think about it, are you one of such users or not?

Samsung Air Conditioner Error Codes [Complete Guide]

If you witness any error, it means the error is trying to inform you about some fault that has occurred within your appliance (AC in this case).

You might get confused between codes which are actually labelled as errors and those which are not. It is a common confusion so don’t worry.

Samsung Air Conditioner Error Codes
Samsung Air Conditioner Error Codes

Error Codes Not Showing Any Fault:

  •       CL – Auto Clean Indicator
  •       CF – Filter Cleaning Reminder
  •       CF – Automatic Defrost

Error Codes Showing Fault:

  •       EL – Overheated Heater
  •       C2 – Indoor Pipe Sensor Fault
  •       E4 – Frost Defrost

What to do next?

By now, you must have a clear understanding regarding what is an actual error code. Suppose you come across an error code. What should be the next step? Once you spot an Error Code, the first and most important step is to interpret its meaning. Secondly, find the possible cause due to which that error has occurred. Lastly, you need to troubleshoot the error to get rid of it.

Error Code Table:

If you want to have a quick glance at the meaning, cause and troubleshooting of different error codes then the below-mentioned table is for you.

Error Code Interpretation Cause Troubleshooting
CL  Auto-Clean indicator  Indoor unit producing odour Use the “Auto-Clean’ command to get rid of the odour
CF Filter cleaning reminder/

Reset reminder 

Clogged filter  Clean/replace the dirty filter of your indoor unit
DF Automatic Defrost The AC is defrosting  Keep waiting until the Auto Defrost ends
E3 Indoor fan motor malfunction Faulty indoor fan or circuit board Replace the indoor fan or circuit board. But first figure out what is causing the actual error
E4 Forced Defrost  Low refrigerant, faulty pump, broken temperature sensor, or pressure fluctuation  Contact the nearest Samsung service centre to get yourself an expert for the job
E5 Short indoor heat exchanger sensor Faulty outdoor heat exchanger sensor  Replace the indoor heat exchanger sensor
E6 Short outdoor heat exchanger sensor  Faulty outdoor heat exchanger sensor  Replace the outdoor heater temperature sensor
E7 Short heater temperature sensor Faulty heater temperature sensor Replace the heater temperature sensor
C2 Indoor pipe sensor fault Faulty indoor pipe sensor  Replace the indoor pipe sensor
E101 Failed indoor unit communication Faulty connections or around the indoor unit Check for any loose/faulty connections or power cables and fix them
E102 Failed outdoor unit  communication Faulty connections around the outdoor unit Check for any loose/faulty connections or power cables and fix them
EL Overheated electrical heater Power outage Replace the heater temperature sensor or PCB
E201  Failed indoor and outdoor units communication Loose connections or bad PCB Check for loose connections outdoors and indoors and if there are none, replace the main PCB
E1/21 Room temperature sensor fault Faulty room temperature sensor  Contact the nearest Samsung service centre for an expert
E1/22 Heat exchange temperature-sensor fault  Malfunctioning heat exchanger temperature sensor  Contact the nearest Samsung service centre for an expert
E1/54 Bad capacitor or fan motor  Replace the capacitor or fan motor
E1/63  Bad EEPROM  Replace the EEPROM

 Samsung AC Error Codes And Their Fixes:

I know the feeling when you come across any error and want to get it resolved as soon as possible. How do you do that? Well, in this section of the article we will be dealing with different error codes along with their troubleshooting methods. Keep reading to find out more.

 Samsung AC Error Codes And Their Fixes
Samsung AC Error Codes And Their Fixes

17 Most Common Samsung Air Conditioner Error Codes

  1. Error Code – CL

The error code CL indicates “Auto Clean”. The indoor unit of your AC works continuously. You will most likely witness this CL error code when the unit has worked enough that it starts to produce odour. CL indicates that the indoor unit is ready for cleaning.

Fix method

As discussed before, CL is not an actual error code so this shouldn’t concern you. You can make this error code go away by running Auto-clean function.

  1. Error Code – CF

The error code CF means “Filter Cleaning”. Due to the continuous working, the AC filters might need some cleaning. Or if they have completed their duration then they should be replaced as soon as possible. The error code CF will make sure to remind you regarding this.

Fix method

Either clean the AC filters or get them replaced at your earliest.

  1. Error Code – DF

The error code DF informs you about “Automatic Defrosting”. It means that your AC unit is about to or has entered the defrost phase.

Fix method

Don’t panic. Wait for about 5-10 minutes and let the AC unit complete its self-defrost process.

  1. Error Code – E3

The error code E3 tells you about the indoor fan motor when it starts to malfunction. If this happens then you will feel a sudden change in your fan’s speed.

Fix method

First you need to figure out which component has gone faulty, circuit board or fan motor. Once found, replace the relevant component to get this issue resolved.

  1. Error Code – E4

The error code E4 indicates about the AC unit that is about to enter the defrost phase. It is different from the DF error code. In DF the defrosting is automatic whereas in E4 the defrosting is forced. This might occur due to:

  •       Low refrigerant level
  •       Malfunctioning heat pump
  •       Faulty temperature sensor
  •       Extreme low or extreme high temperature

Fix method

You cannot solve this issue on your own. We recommend you to contact an expert to get the error fixed correctly.

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  1. Error Code – E5

The error code E5 informs about the indoor heat exchanger sensor. There could be 2 possible problems; either it could be opened or short.

Fix method

Even to resolve this error code, it is recommended to contact the nearest Samsung Service Centre and get in touch with an expert.

  1. Error Code – E6

The error code E6 is the exact opposite of error code E5. The E6 error code informs you about the outdoor heat exchanger sensor. There could be 2 problems with the sensor; either it is short or opened.

Fix method

You need to make a quick replacement if the outdoor heat exchanger sensor is faulty. But don’t do this alone, take help from an expert or a professional.

  1. Error Code – E7

Just like error codes E5 and E6, the error code E7 also informs about the presence of a faulty sensor. But this sensor, however, is a temperature sensor. You need to get it checked whether it needs a replacement or not.

Fix method

There is no other way to resolve an E7 error other than just simply replacing the temperature sensor. You can easily do this by taking the help of an expert.

  1. Error Code – C2

There is an indoor pipe sensor present within the AC unit. The error code C2 informs you regarding its malfunctioning. If this issue occurs then you will feel your room getting overheated. This happens because the AC fails to measure the room temperature properly for regulation.

Fix method

A faulty indoor unit pipe should be replaced as soon as possible.

  1. Error Code – E101

The error code E101 indicates the broken connection within the indoor unit. The reason for this is the presence of loose connections or faulty power cables.

Fix method

First inspect the connection situation on your own. If you find loose wire connections or faulty power cables then get them replaced or fixed from a professional.

  1. Error Code – E102

The error code E102 indicates the broken connection within the outdoor unit. This could occur due to faulty wires or loose connections.

Fix method

Look for any loose connections or faulty wires and get them replaced from an expert. If the error still exists then you need to replace the whole PCB.

  1. Error Code – EL

The error code EL informs about the electrical heater getting overheated. The main reason for this is the power surge. During the surge, the power spike could damage the heater and as a result it gets overheated. The temperature sensor and PCB could become faulty during the process.

Fix method

You first need to check the temperature sensor and PCB for any potential causes. If found, resolve them by replacing the faulty components.

  1. Error Code – E201

The error code E201 informs about the failed communication between indoor and outdoor units. This could happen due to the presence of loose wire connections or faulty wiring.

Fix method

You need to fix the loose connections and replace the faulty wires. If the issue is still there then get the PCB replaced.

  1. Error Code – E1/21

The error code E1/21 indicates the fault within the room temperature sensor. The issue here will be that the sensor will not be able to detect the temperature change and as a result the AC won’t be able to heat or cool the room properly.

Fix method

The replacement of the room temperature sensor requires technical help. So get in touch with an expert and get your issue resolved.

  1. Error Code – E1/22

The error code E1/22 informs about the faulty heat exchanger temperature sensor. When this error occurs, your AC unit will struggle to provide sufficient heating and cooling.

Fix method

Call the Samsung Service Centre and get in touch with a professional to get the faulty parts replaced.

  1. Error Code – E1/54

The error code E1/54 occurs when the fan motor or the capacitor have gone faulty. In this case, the AC unit will not be able to provide cool air.

Fix method

Check the capacitors with the help of a multimeter. Also inspect the fan motor, if either of them have gone faulty then get them replaced as soon as possible.

  1. Error Code – E1/63

The Samsung Air Conditioners use a memory chip with the name EPROM. This chip can get corrupted and when it does, you will witness the error code E1/63.

Fix method

Reset the Air Conditioner, if the issue still persists then call Samsung Service Centre.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does E4 error mean in Samsung Air Conditioner?

The error code E4 on your Samsung Air Conditioner indicates that the AC unit is about to enter the forced defrost phase. Call an expert to get the issue resolved.

What does C2 error code mean?

If the indoor pipe sensor has gone faulty then you will see an error code C2. To get rid of this error, make a quick replacement.

What could be the possible reasons for my Samsung AC blinking?

If your Samsung AC keeps on blinking then the reasons could be:

  •       Filthy or clogged air filters
  •       Loose wire connections
  •       Low refrigerant level
  •       Frozen coils


In conclusion, we have informed you about the most common 17 error codes that you might face in daily life. Not just this, we have also told you regarding their reason for occurrence and possible fixes. We hope you might not come across any further confusion.

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