Correct Washing Machine Drain Pipe Height [Explained 2024]

You might think that your washing machine’s drain pipe height doesn’t matter but you are wrong here. The thing is, it is one of the most essential components of your washing machine. You need to take care of this issue at the time of installation because if it is ignored then it can cause serious consequences.

Staying informed about the latest plumbing news can help homeowners make better decisions regarding their washing machine installations. Understanding proper drain pipe height and other plumbing standards ensures efficient operation and prevents issues such as water damage. Keeping up with expert advice can save time, money, and effort in maintaining household appliances.

You must be wondering how a simple drain pipe could mean a lot. Well, it is what it is. You don’t need to know in-depth details but you should know how high the Washing Machine Drain Pipe Height should be. If you have no idea about it then be ready for the water to suck back into your system.

By now you must be familiar with the importance of the drain pipe. It is time to know how high it should be. Generally, your washing machine should be 23-25 inches higher than the floor. If we talk about centimeters then 23-25 inches is equivalent to 60-90 centimeters.

It is not at all recommended to go higher than that, if you do then it shouldn’t be more than 96 inches. But it is not a concrete rule as the height could vary depending on brand, washer type and drainage option.

There are two types of loaders; top-loaders and front-loaders. They both have a different height range. But as discussed before there are some other contributing factors as well which will be discussed in the later section of this article.

Washing Machine drain Pipe height – Determining Factors

The three factors which contribute in determining the height of your drain pipe are as follows:

  •         Washer brand
  •         Washer type
  •         Drainage option

Type of Washing Machine VS Drain Pipe Height:

The model of your washing machine will decide what should be the height of your drain pipe.

Type of Washing Machine VS Drain Pipe Height:
Type of Washing Machine VS Drain Pipe Height:

Front Load Washing Machine Drain Pipe Height:

If we talk about front load washers then it means these types of machines don’t require higher drain pipes. Similar washing machines like top-loaders also work on the same principle but they require the drain pipe to be a little higher than the drain pipes present in the front-loaders. The size may vary from brand to brand but the drain pipes should be 24 inches off the floor.

The roundabout height of the front loaders’ drain pipe is 96 inches, this is equivalent to 8 feet. If you exceed this limit then you will need an additional device “sump pump” to pump out the wastewater.

Top Load Washing Machine Drain Pipe Height:

As explained earlier, top loader washing machines require their drain pipe’s height to be a little taller. The drain pipe’s height in this case should be 30 inches off the floor. This will be extremely helpful for optimum pumping.

But it is opposite in front-loaders because if you exceed the height of 8 feet then you will have to use an additional device with the name sump pump.

Brand VS Washing Machine Drain Pipe Height:

The washer brand also plays a really important part in determining the machine drain pipe height. The famous brands include Samsung, Whirlpool, Haier, GE and LG.

Samsung washing machine drain pipe height

If you are using a Samsung washing machine then it will allow you to install the drain pipe 24-35 inches off the surface. Make sure the standpipe is clean before installation otherwise it will cause several issues. Only 6-8 inches of the drain hose should be inserted into the standpipe.

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GE washer drain pipe height:

There are basically two-categories in GE washers; front-loaders and top-loaders. The front-loading washers allow their drain pipe to be 24 inches off the surface. Whereas, the top-loading washers allow their drain pipes to be 30 inches off the surface. The working criteria is the same but you don’t want to exceed the 8 feet limit otherwise you will have to use a sump pump.

Whirlpool washer drain pipe height:

Using a Whirlpool washing machine will provide you ease in the shape of a user manual. You can use the manual to know about the height of its drain pipe. The height may vary slightly from brand to brand but the change is not that significant. Considering the recommendation of Whirlpool, you should not place the drain pipe more than 29 inches off the ground.

Bosch washer drain pipe height:

In Bosch washers, you have to adopt a strategy that will avoid backflows. If you want to prevent yourself from such situations then it is recommended to place the drain pipe at the height suggested by Bosch. The height should be from 80 to 100 cm for an optimal performance.

Haier washer drain pipe height:

If you know about the Bosch drain pipe height then you would find it easier to deal with Haier washers. Reason being, they both are the same when it comes to drain pipe height i.e. 80 – 100 cm.

LG washer drain pipe height:

Using an LG washer means that you have to install the drain pipe 29 inches off the surface. For the exact measurements you have to consult the manual that comes with the washer.

Summary Table:

📌 Washer Brand Drain Pipe Height (Off-the-Ground)
🩸 Samsung 24-35 inches
💥 GE From 24 inches
🚨 Whirlpool From 39 inches (standpipe height)
🔴  Bosch 31.5-39.4 inches
🔺 Haier 31.5-39.4 inches
🧨 LG From 24 inches
🚩 TCL From 24 inches

Drainage option VS Washing machine drain hose position

You will get the following 3 drainage options in your washing machines.

  •         Standpipe
  •         Laundry tub
  •         Underground pipette
Drainage option VS Washing machine drain hose position
Drainage option VS Washing machine drain hose position

Standpipe drainage

The main purpose of standpipe drainage is that it connects the washer drain pipe with the water waste stack. If you don’t want to deal with unwanted fumes then choose a standpipe to avoid this situation. It will also help you to avoid the overflow issue.

The most critical aspect to consider here is the height of your standpipe. The recommended height is generally 39 – 96 inches.

Installation factors

  • Standpipe length

The length of the drain hose is directly proportional to the altitude. So you need to buy a drain hose that is equal to the standpipe’s length.

  • Distance from the washer

When you are considering the vertical distance, it is important to consider the horizontal distance as well. If the distance between the washer and the standpipe is comparatively more then you will have to deal with a longer drain hose.

  • Laundry tub drainage

When you use laundry tub drainage then the draining will be done through a washing tub. The ideal length of your drain pipe should be 8 ft. Exceeding this limit will for sure bring up the situation of wastewater backflow. The distance between the washer and the laundry tub should be only 45 inches.

  • Underground pipe drainage

The most efficient solution for your washers is an underground pipe drainage. This is the costliest of all. The height of this underground drainage pipe shouldn’t exceed 8 feet.

  • Washing machine’s p-trap height

You will have to closely consider the height of your washing machine’s p-trap at the time of installation. It should be placed 6 – 18 inches above the ground surface. The distance should be calculated from the center of the p-trap’s arm to the floor.

There are certain guidelines related to plumbing. You need to consider those guidelines before doing any installation.

  • Why does height matter?

The height of the washing machine’s p-trap matters because if you place it low then the sewer will go all the way up into the drain line and end up being in your home water. Placing it higher will make its accessibility harder. So consider the guidelines beforehand otherwise you will have to face serious consequences in both the cases.

  • Need of a p-trap

If your washer drains in your home tank then it is time to get the p-trap installed right away. This is important because otherwise the water might get contaminated and can cause severe diseases.

However, if the washer drains the water into a separate tank then there is no need for a p-trap. This is because there will be less chances for the water to get contaminated.

P-Trap VS Standpipe height

If you have placed the standpipe at a certain height then the p-trap should be 18 inches above that height. For instance, you have placed the p-trap 6 inches off the surface, now the standpipe’s height should be 24 inches.

P-Trap VS Standpipe height
P-Trap VS Standpipe height

Does the washing machine drain hose need to be elevated?

Yes, it is important to elevate the drain hose of your washing machine. If you elevate the hose then you won’t have to come across siphoning. Siphoning will occur when the drain hose is far away from the drain pipe. For the front-loaders the drain hose should be 7 inches down the drain pipe whereas in top-loaders it should be 5 inches only.

The elevation also helps in preventing blockages and has a smooth flow rate. But it doesn’t mean that you elevate the drain hose more than it is required. Be very accurate with the elevation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What should be the height of your washing machine’s drain and hook up set?

The drain should be 23-25 inches off the floor. On the other hand, the hook up set has its exact measurements present in the manual.

What should be the ideal height for a washing machine’s drain?

The ideal height for a machine’s drain shouldn’t be more than 8 feet because otherwise you will have to face a backflow condition if the drain is kept too high.

What is the drain pipe height in automatic machines?

The drain pipe height in automatic machines should be 24 inches for the front-loaders and 30 inches for the top-loaders.

At what horizontal or vertical length should the machine be discharging water?

The washing machine will discharge water if the horizontal distance is 150 feet and vertical distance is 8 feet.

What should be the height of a washing machine’s trap?

If you are installing a p-trap then it should be 6 – 8 inches off the floor. It is an ideal height to prevent various situations involving backflows.

Wrap up:

In a nutshell, the drain pipe height could appear to be an ignorant factor for most people but it is not true at all. After reading the whole article you can judge yourself how important the height of the drain pipe could be. Every relevant information has been provided in this article so you don’t have to visit any other place to get your queries answered.

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