5 Benefits You Get Using a Sunscreen Stick Over Other Types

Go online today and type Sunscreen into Google. You’ll be met with literally thousands of products that all claim to offer the best solution. You’ll find dozens of mineral and chemical options, as well as a myriad of application types. One of those is the sunscreen stick, which offers its own set of advantages to individuals and families.

So, is the right type for you? You can’t determine the answer to that question without knowing its benefits. Stick around as we examine five of the major ones. 

Sunscreen Stick Benefit #1 – No Mess!

In the past, applying sunscreen lotions involved something of a messy process, with splashes and droplets going everywhere. However, when you have a sunscreen stick in your bag, that’s not a problem you’re going to encounter. It goes on a bit like a big lipstick, tattoophreaks so there are no issues with splashes. You can even apply it with your best clothes on with confidence! 

Benefit #2 – It’s Super Targeted

Another huge benefit of this kind of sunscreen is that it’s very easy to apply it in a super-targeted way. What do we mean by that? Well, unlike a lotion, you can put it where you need to with pinpoint accuracy. It’s why many people use it as a backup to lotion, giving you a way to ensure that no areas are missed and potentially burnt in the process. 

Benefit #3 – It’s Really Portable

Have you noticed how big some bottles of sunscreen are? They’re not exactly what you would call portable, right? A sun protection stick, however, is around the same size as a small deodorant stick, meaning that it can easily fit into your handbag or man bag while still allowing plenty of room for other things. It means you get day-round access to sun protection. 

Benefit #4 – Sun Protection That Stays Put!

Due to the solid nature of stick sunscreens, they have a habit of adhering to the skin much easier, meaning that once it’s applied, it stays on for the duration. Obviously, you still have to reapply every two hours to maintain adequate protection, and you shouldn’t go swimming, but whichever part of the skin you apply it to, you get the peace of mind that it’s going to stay put!

Benefit #5 – It’s Easier to Get Kids Involved

Something else that stick applicators provide is a way of putting sunscreen on that’s more appealing to kids. Now, getting kids to wear sun protection is difficult at the best of times, but a product that looks and feels like body paint can be used in games and other fun ways to get them used to wearing it. Stick sunscreen can be used to create lifelong habits for your children. 

Why Not Consider a Sunscreen Stick Today?

With all of these great advantages on offer, it’s not hard to see why stick sunscreens have become as popular as they are today. So, if you’re interested in adding a bit of versatility to your sun protection routine, why not consider investing in a stick? It could be the missing ingredient that ensures you and your family never suffer the misery of sunburn. 

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