Basic OSRS PKing Tips for Beginners: Tested and Approved!

PKing is one of the most fun activities in the Old School Runescape which has built an iconic reputation for many players. PKing is an activity in OSRS that refers to PVP or player vs player, where two or more players are fighting against each other in the game.

The OSRS PKing activity stands out in the game as the players are killing each other instead of the monsters, and their actions are defined by the game’s engine. By the way, if you want to be superior among other players, you can always buy an OSRS accounts for sale from U7BUY to get unlocked and rare items in the game accounts firsthand. So, let’s jump into discussing the basic OSRS PKing Tips for Beginners.

OSRS PKing Tips and Tricks

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OSRS Tip #1: Protect from Magic

You can use Protect from Magic while you are engaged in OSRS PKing or when you are trying to avoid PKers in the game. The main advantage it brings is the halve of 2.5 minutes to teleblock you. Moreover, it halves the freezing time of any binding spells cast from any standard Spellbook. However, it does not work for Ancient Spellbooks, so you have to test it out.

OSRS Tip #2: Castle Wars

Castle Wars brings you some of the best rewards for Pures. For the best in-slot Melee Defense, you can depend on the Halos, which also gives you over 3 Prayer bonuses. You can always get better bonuses from the Decorative Mage and Ranged Top.

OSRS Tip #3: PKing for Emblems

If you are OSRS PKing in the Bounty Hunter World, you may need an Emblem Drop, which requires an Emblem in your hunter inventory. Hence, even if your PVP opponent belongs to Tier 9, you can defeat them in the battle. You can also get to skip people without Emblem for free and the ones who have not been skulled.

OSRS Tip #4: Trade Emblems

You can speak to an Emblem trader in Edgeville, and you can set to get the targets that are below the level 10 wilderness. On several occasions, you might encounter targets way deep in the wilderness. Hence this small change is really helpful to progress in the game.

OSRS Tip #5: Use Magic Defense

The Magic Defense in the game is yet another tip for PKing in OSRS that only lowers the damage dealt from other prayers. We recommend you always use the Magic Boosting Prayers whenever you want to use Magic Protection. Keep in mind that your Magic Defense is 70% of the Magic level and 30% of your Defense level.

Wrapping Up

With our basic OSRS PKing Tips for Beginners, you can fight against other players like a pro to fight against other players in the game. You can always protect and attack when PKing in OSRS by applying the tips and tricks mentioned in this article.

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