Mastering the Team of the Season Grind in EA Sports FC 24

Today, I’m diving deep into the art of grinding the Team of the Season (TOTS) in EA Sports FC 24. If you’re aiming to pack all the top-tier cards and dominate the game, this guide is your golden ticket.

The Grind Method: A Blueprint for Success

Let’s start with the basics. The current menu grind from EA for TOTS is nothing short of fantastic. It’s enabled me to pack an obscene amount of cards, including some big names like TOTS Saka, TOTS Eriksen, and more. Here’s how to replicate this success:

  1. Stock Up on 86+ Rated Players: You should already have a stash of 86+ rated players in your club. If not, start gathering them through various means like objectives, season passes, and daily upgrades.
  2. The Exchange Strategy: Dump all your unwanted 86-89 rated cards into the exchange. Don’t hesitate to toss in 90+ rated cards as well. Every card counts in this grind.
  3. Maximize Exchange Packs: Open those exchange packs and hope for the best. If you pack a TOTS card or any valuable player, great! Otherwise, recycle the fodder back into the exchange.
  4. Player Picks: Utilize the 81+ player picks wisely. Feed them with all your gold cards up to 80 rated. This step is crucial for maintaining the grind’s momentum.
  5. Team of the Week Upgrades: Don’t overlook these upgrades. They offer tradable packs and serve as a valuable source of high-rated cards for further grinding.
  6. Premium Upgrades: Keep cycling through various premium upgrades, Bundesliga Premium Upgrade packs, and other relevant packs. They contribute to your overall card pool and increase your chances of success.

The Importance of Player Management

Effective player management is the key to sustained success in this grind. Here are some essential tips:

  • Be Ruthless with Duplicates: If you get duplicate TOTS cards or any duplicates you don’t immediately need, toss them back into the exchange without hesitation.
  • Know When to Let Go: Don’t hoard cards unnecessarily. If a player isn’t crucial to your core team or future SBC plans, offload them into the exchange.
  • Utilize Team of the Week Players: TOTS cards from the team of the week picks can serve dual purposes. They can be recycled into the exchange or used in SBCs, depending on your needs.
  • Strategic SBC Building: Use surplus TOTS or high-rated cards in SBCs strategically. They can help offset the expensive player SBC’s FC 24 Coins cost or provide valuable rewards.

Maintaining the Grind

Consistency is key to maintaining the grind. Make it a daily habit to:

  • Complete daily objectives, upgrades, and SBCs.
  • Keep cycling through player picks and exchange packs.
  • Capitalize on all available upgrade opportunities.

Final Thoughts

Mastering the TOTS grind in EA Sports FC 24 requires dedication and strategy. By following these tips and maintaining a disciplined approach, you’ll maximize your chances of packing top-tier players and dominating the game. So, gear up, dive into the grind, and let the packs roll in. Happy gaming, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

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