Why You Need a Custom Breast Form after Mastectomy

For many women worldwide, the feeling of a breast lump was the beginning of a treacherous medical journey. Breast cancer has negatively affected many women, not only financially but also in their social lives. Getting a mastectomy is the last resort in the treatment of breast cancer and often leaves both physical and emotional scars on the patient.

Mastectomy bras have been used widely by breast cancer patients after operation, mainly to facilitate healing and offer a chest balance. A custom–made breast, on the other hand, is an artificial replacement breast that is made to look, feel, and sit on the chest like a natural breast.

Custom breasts vary in many ways. This guide will discuss complex and unique features of  custom breasts, as well as their viability as solution after a mastectomy procedure.

A Tailored Solution

Every mastectomy patient has their own reasons for getting a custom breast. Some off-the-shelf prosthetic breasts available pose a great adjustment problem. It is agonizing enough to lose a breast, and having to adjust your breasts as you walk is a rather embarrassing and unnecessary experience. A custom-made breast is designed to comfortably adhere to the skin and offer ample drain.

Custom breast forms Florida address a specific patient need. A victim with significant amount of skin remaining on the scar will require a different breast from the one with little to no skin left after a mastectomy. The prosthetic breasts making process is one that involves a lot of variables, ranging from cup size to skin color. The custom-made breasts manufacturing and fitting processes have been discussed below.

Designing the Breast

In the design phase, the fitter will capture your skin color and measure the size of the other breast for a perfect match. The amount of skin remaining after mastectomy is also important in determining the size and fit of the new breast.

Scanning For Best Fit

3D scanning is done on the chest to capture the chest and shoulder structures, which ensures proper breast fitting and adherence to the skin.

Actual Breast Fitting

After all the data is taken and the breast is made, the fitter will place the custom breast on your chest with adhesive spray. You will be directed on how to remove, wear, and wash your new “breast”.


A custom-made breast is intended to artificially mimic the natural breast as accurately as possible. Different manufacturing materials have been discovered to ensure that your custom breast sits and adheres to the skin with minimal adjustments or skin irritation. Silicone prosthetics are widely used because they are easy to shape. The natural feeling of the custom breast goes a long way to boost self-esteem and restore the feminine feeling.

Although mastectomy bras are recommended for proper holding, custom breast forms Florida can be worn without a bra due to its adhesive nature. This feature allows you to sleep and walk with your custom breasts without the risk of falling off.

Ease of Maintenance

Unlike a set of bras, if you lose one breast, you will need one custom breast. Therefore, custom breast forms are made with maintenance needs in mind. Cleaning your custom breast can easily be done during your showers using soap and water.

Costs vs . Durability

A custom breast’s initial cost is high due to its high quality materials and manufacturing standards. However, the investment is worth it as custom breasts offer daily service for a couple of years without a need to replace.

A mastectomy bra has pockets that facilitate proper alignment of the custom bra and allow a balance in weight distribution on the shoulders and chest. To significantly increase the lifespan of a custom-made breast, it is advisable to hold them in pocketed mastectomy bras.


Custom-made breasts come in different varieties, and it easier to get a custom solution for your unique needs. Breast cancer no longer has to translate to an inverted social life. With custom-made breast forms, you can restore your femininity and feel complete again.

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