GE vs Samsung Refrigerator 6 Difference Which One is Better

Refrigerator shopping is always fun to do. But it does get confusing when you have to narrow down the options to just one model. The market is literally stocked with many options so it sometimes gets difficult to make a final verdict. However, if you are stuck between GE and Samsung refrigerators, this article is definitely for you!

GE vs Samsung Refrigerators – Key Differences

I have come up with some key differences that would help you in deciding which refrigerator to go for GE vs Samsung Refrigerator. Consider them carefully before making a decision.

  1. Reliability

Reliability is the first factor that needs to be considered when choosing between GE and Samsung. What good is technology and features if the fridge itself breaks down, right?

Deciding which brand is the most and least reliable demanded me to gather information from various experts. I interviewed them and found out about their views. Out of 7 experts, three of them voted in favor of the GE brand and one of them voted against it. However, all seven technicians voted against the Samsung brand.

One of the appliance service teams said:

“We tend to see the lowest service call rates on Bosch, GE, and KitchenAid French door fridges and the highest on Samsung, LG, and Frigidaire.”

  1. Price

There is no doubt that both Samsung and GE refrigerators are available in a variety of price options. You can buy a budget friendly model as well as a luxury model for your usage. But of course, there are some differences between the two brands when it comes to model selection and price.

  • Range Under $2000

If your budget is $2000 and you want to have a look at more options then GE will offer you around 177 models whereas Samsung will offer only 46 models.

  • Range Over $2000

Samsung offers more luxury models of around 190 if the range is above $2000. As far as GE is concerned they offer premium models separate from their regular ones.

GE specialized brands including Monogram, Profile and Café are considered to be the top-tier offerings for the customers who are looking for the best luxurious appliances. However, standard refrigerators tend to focus more on affordability and delivering models having reasonable prices.

GE vs Samsung Refrigerator
GE vs Samsung Refrigerator

  1. Warranty

The next difference to talk about is related to warranty. Both Samsung and GE refrigerators provide solid warranties to give protection against failures and defects. A one year warranty is provided by both the brands which includes full replacement of defective parts as well as the labor costs. Moreover, both the warranties also cover the sealed refrigeration system for exactly 5 years.

After 5 years, Samsung provides coverage of its digital inverter compressor for 10 years only. On the other hand, GE covers its extension slides for life. Samsung doesn’t provide lifetime coverage on any of its components.

Along with this, GE also offers a two years warranty covering in-home service for repairs and labor. Samsung provides this type of warranty for its customizable bespoke models only.

  1. Features

Luckily, both the brands have similar overall features except for a few key differences. You can make your decision by taking help from this section.

Starting from the GE models, they have LED lightning across their back wall for clear interior visibility. This LED wall feature is absent in Samsung fridges.

Samsung comes with a unique triple evaporating cooling system which uses three fans and two compressors to ensure consistent cooling. Unfortunately, GE doesn’t provide this evaporator system.

Apart from these two differences, Samsung and GE models also share some similar features as well which are as follows.

  • Both of them offer smudge-proof exteriors, water/ice dispensers, child locks, reversible doors and dispenser lightning.
  • Both of them offer modern touches like digital temperature controls, hidden hinges and door-in-door compartments.
  • Both of them offer door alarms, Sabbath mode and wheels.

  1. Technology

There is not a one percent doubt when it comes to GE and Samsung models offering advanced features. Samsung’s Family Hub ecosystem provides expensive capabilities whereas GE refrigerators focus on core smart fridge functionality.

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Samsung Refrigerator Technology

  • Samsung Family Hub

Samsung’s Family Hub provides features beyond core fridge functionality. You will be able to use a suite of features for full kitchen connectivity.

  • Remote App Control

Samsung provides remote monitoring and controlling through SmartThings app. You can do stuff like adjusting settings and temperatures from your phone.

  • Voice Commands

Samsung uses Bixby, a voice assistant that allows you to say out the commands for doing things like turning on ice-making, adjusting temperature etc.

  • Family Hub Display

The Samsung fridge door has an in-built display that allows you to manage shopping lists, set timers or stream music etc.

  • Beverage Center

Now you can fill your glass with just one touch without doing any extra stuff.

  • Customizable Temperature Zones

FlexZone is the technology used by Samsung for enabling adjustment of temperature zones within the freezer and fridge.

GE Refrigerator Technology

  • Remote Monitoring and Control

GE uses a SmartHQ app that allows you to control GE refrigerators via your phone. You can turn on your ice maker, adjust the temperature and do other stuff using this cool app.

  • Remote Temperature Adjustment

If sometimes you are out of your house and realize that your fridge is set on warmer settings then you can easily use the app to lower the temperature. It will help food not to get spoiled if the refrigerator gets too warm. You can also consider selecting modes like TuroFreeze, TurboCool and Sabbath.

  • Alerts

SmartHQ also provides alerts like when the fridge door is left open. You can quickly shut off the door in order to avoid temperature fluctuations and energy waste.

  • TurboCool and TurboFreeze

You can use TurboCool and TurboFreeze modes to adjust the temperature inside the refrigerator. The best use case of these modes is when the fridge gets repeatedly opened and causes a rise in the internal temperature.

  • Scheduling Ice Maker and Hot Water

You can schedule an ice maker and even hot water. Like you might want to schedule something like having hot water prepared for the morning tea.

  • Autofill Dispenses

Autofill function allows you to program the exact water amounts with great efficiency.

  • Built-in Keurig Coffee Makers

Not all but some models of GE refrigerators come with built-in Keurig coffee makers. The Keurig system can also be controlled using SmartHQ and you can even schedule it according to your preferences.

  1. Models and Options

There are different models and design options offered by Samsung and GE refrigerators. You can opt for the one which goes with your kitchen aesthetics.

GE Samsung
·         French door

·         Side-by-side

·         Top freezer

·         Bottom freezer

·         French door

·         Side-by-side

·         Top freezer

·         Bottom freezer

·         4-door flex

·         Freezer-less

·         Stainless steel

·         White

·         Black

·         Slate

·         Black slate

·         Silver

·         Bisque

·         Stainless

·         Black stainless

·         Bronze stainless

·         White

·         Navy

·         Black

·         Gray

·         Custom

GE vs Samsung Refrigerator
GE vs Samsung Refrigerator

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q – Who makes the most reliable refrigerators?

A – Experts believe that the top most refrigerators are as follows.

Samsung, LG, Whirlpool, Frigidaire, GE, KitchenAid and Insignia.

Q – What are the top 3 refrigerator brands?

A – The top 3 refrigerator brands are as follows:

LG, Samsung, Whirlpool.

Concluding Thoughts:

In conclusion, every brand has its own pros and cons. No matter which brand is famous, if it doesn’t provide you with what you need then it is as good as dead. Instead of following the market trends, the wise option would be to choose a refrigerator that actually fulfills your requirements.

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