How to Reset Daikin Air Conditioner [In 6 Ways]

Think for a minute that you come across a scenario where one of your appliances stops working. Suppose the appliance is an Air Conditioner, now what would you do? It doesn’t matter what the appliance is, as long as its nature is electronic you just need a reset to solve the possible errors.

However, “reset” is not always the solution but it might work in most of the cases. If you own a Daikin Air Conditioner and you come across any error then before considering the expensive solutions, try resetting your AC. If you don’t know How to Reset Daikin Air Conditioner, then we will be guiding you in this regard.

How to Reset Daikin Air Conditioner in 2023

Hard reset

  •       Turn off the breaker and unplug the AC for almost 60 seconds
  •       Unplug the thermostat for 30 minutes
  •       After this time duration, re-establish the connections and turn ON the AC


  •       Search for the “Reset” button and press it
  •       Use the remote control to perform the resetting

There are many ways to perform the reset process. But before doing it, you must know why you are doing it. For this, read the next section of our article.

Reasons for resetting the Daikin Air Conditioner

There are some issues that don’t require technical or expert-level help. You can resolve them on your own by resetting the Air Conditioner unit.

  • Daikin air conditioner won’t turn ON

Your AC unit might not turn ON due to reasons like power failure, faulty thermostat or dirty filters. These issues are not that severe so you can easily perform a reset to bring back the AC unit into working. If the unit doesn’t turn ON even after the reset then you should call an expert at your earliest.

  • Daikin air conditioner won’t work after power outage

The circuit breaker in your Daikin AC protects it from power overload when the power comes back. So whenever a power outage occurs, the circuit breaker will kick in in order to protect the unit. This causes a fault in the thermostat resulting in your AC to not turn ON. You will need to perform a reset after a power outage.

  • Daikin air conditioner not heating or cooling

When issues like low refrigerant level, clogged filters and thermostat faults occur then they will restrict the AC unit to provide proper heating and cooling. Before calling an expert for solving these issues, it is recommended to perform a reset on your own.

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  • Daikin air conditioner turns OFF automatically

You need a reset in both the situations; when your AC won’t turn ON and when it turns OFF automatically. If the reset doesn’t help then consider other potential issues and look for their relevant solutions.

  • Daikin air conditioner flashes light

If you see the operation lamp blinking green light then understand that the dust box is demanding some cleaning. However, after cleaning if you still witness the blinking green light then it is time for a reset. This will surely stop the blinking.

  • Daikin air conditioner showing error code

Sometimes it happens that you come across an error code which you have not seen before. In this case, it becomes difficult to interpret its actual meaning. If you ever witness a situation like this then the first thing you should do is reset your AC. Reason being, most error codes include resetting as their primary step to solve the problem.

  • Daikin air conditioner’s thermostat malfunctions

The core component of your AC unit which controls the regulation is none other than a thermostat. If it goes faulty then the AC will not be able to provide sufficient heating and cooling. So you wouldn’t want it to fail, right?

Resetting will surely solve the issue. It will bring back the thermostat to its factory settings and it will most likely work properly or like before.

  • Daikin air conditioner’s timer malfunctions

If the timer of your AC unit starts to malfunction then you can reset it simply. Every component of your AC unit is capable of going through the reset process, let it be thermostat or timer.

  • Daikin air conditioner’s remote control malfunctions

It might happen that your AC stops responding to the remote control. The most obvious reason for this could be that the remote batteries have become weak or gone dead. Replace the batteries at your earliest. If the issue still exists then reset the remote control by pressing the on/off switch present on it.

  • Daikin air conditioner making strange noise

There could be many reasons for the strange noises that you might hear from the AC. To stop them, it is important to perform a reset so that any underlying issue could be solved easily.

Reasons for resetting the Daikin Air Conditioner
Reasons for resetting the Daikin Air Conditioner

Ways To Reset a Daikin Air Conditioner:

By now, you have been familiar with the situations that require a reset. Now it is time for you to learn about the ways to actually perform a reset process.

  1.     Hard reset – After a power outage

You should definitely perform a hard reset after your house has experienced a power outage. To do so, follow the below mentioned steps.

  •       Make sure the AC thermostat is OFF
  •       Flip the circuit breaker present in the circuit breaker box
  •       Turn ON the breaker after 1 minute
  •       For thermostat, you will have to wait for 30 minutes
  •       Select the “Cool mode” on your thermostat

Instead of a breaker, you can simply turn OFF the AC for one minute.

  1.     Reset button – AC won’t cool, AC won’t turn ON and AC produces strange noises

There is a reset button present on the front of the indoor unit. You can press it to perform a reset. This comes in handy when the AC won’t do a proper cooling or makes strange noises. Another reset button is present on the outdoor unit which is used to reset the AC after a power outage.

The process will be made easier for you with the help of self-diagnosis mode of AC. It will take about 30 minutes and will inform you regarding the potential errors and problems. Press the button smoothly and not forcefully.

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  1.     Remote control reset – Error codes

The first step here should be to replace the batteries of your remote control. If it doesn’t work even after this then you can go for a reset. To reset the remote control, follow the following steps.

  •       Look for the on/off switch present on the remote
  •       Keep the button pressed for 2 seconds and then release it
  •       Press the switch twice to restart the AC
  •       Wait for the restart process to complete
  1.     Thermostat reset – Malfunctioning thermostat

If you have performed a hard reset then it will reset your thermostat automatically. However, if you wish to reset the thermostat individually then you need to know what type of thermostat you are currently using.

ENVI Thermostat

Follow the following steps.

  •       Open the menu from your AC’s home screen
  •       Choose “Settings”
  •       Select “Reset”

For complete reset

  •       Choose “Reset Registration”
  •       Go for “Preference and Schedule”
  •       Search for “HVAC equipment setting”
  •       Choose “All settings”

You can even use a remote control to perform the reset procedure.

One+ Thermostat

Follow the following steps

  •       Open “Menu”
  •       Select “Settings” and then “Configuration”
  •       Press “Reset” to perform the reset
  •       Wait for your AC to complete its reset process
  1.     Timer reset – Malfunctioning error

You can reset the timer individually by following the steps mentioned below.

  •       There is an “Off-timer” button present on the remote, press it
  •       To set your preferred time, keep it pressed continuously
  •       Now it is time for “On-timer” button to be pressed continuously
  •       If you want to cancel the “Off-timer” setting then press “Cancel”
  1.     Green light reset

The green light should go away when you clean the dust box. But if you still see it then it is time to perform a reset. In this case, you need to follow the following steps.

  •       Find and press the “LED reset switch”
  •       To check the presence of light, release the button
  •       If there is no light then it means the reset was successfully done
Ways To Reset a Daikin Air Conditioner
Ways To Reset a Daikin Air Conditioner

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where can I find the Daikin reset button?

You can find the reset button on the indoor and outdoor units of your AC. The indoor button performs a reset when you want to get rid of strange noises that your AC unit is producing or when the AC automatically turns OFF and won’t turn ON. The outdoor button performs a reset that is required after a power outage.

Is there any way to reset a Daikin error code?

To reset a Daikin error code, either perform a reset on your AC or unplug the power cable of your AC unit from the socket.

Daikin air conditioner not providing sufficient cooling, why?

If your AC unit is not providing sufficient cooling then it could be due to dirty or clogged filters. If the issue isn’t in the filters then it could be due to low refrigerant level, wrong thermostat settings or damaged compressor.

How can I reset the air compressor of my AC unit?

To reset the air compressor, search for the on/off switch on the remote control. Keep holding this button for 2 seconds and then release it. Then forcefully restart your AC by pressing the button twice.

Concluding thoughts:

The main crux of this whole article is that first you need to figure out what is the reason behind the resetting. Once figured out, apply the relevant procedure for it. It will be a more effective approach to follow. Moreover, consider other troubleshooting techniques as well to expand your knowledge set.

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