Frigidaire Air Conditioner Not Cooling [6 Fixation 2024]

Do you ever come across the annoying habit of your air conditioner not blowing enough cold air? Well, this must be you along with many other people who are going through the same. The Frigidaire air conditioner not cooling enough is the most common issue faced by the customers. Now if you allow me I would like to have a detailed discussion on the causes and fixes of this issue. Let us get started, shall we?

Frigidaire Air Conditioner not Cooling – Reasons and Fixes

Following are the reasons and fixes related to Frigidaire air conditioner not cooling problem.

  • Air Filters

The first and most common cause of window ACs not blowing enough cold air is due to the lack of adequate air flow. Every air conditioner works in the following way: the fan draws the air to the evaporator coils where it is allowed to be cooled. Once this has been done, the cold air is recirculated into the room. If the air filters have become clogged or dirty then insufficient amounts of air will be present over the evaporator coils causing them to frost. As a result, no cool air will be circulated into the room.

Fix Method

The air filters are normally located behind the front grille. Clean the filters if they are found to be dirty or replace them if they have completed their life. You can also clean the evaporator coils using a soft brush and soapy water.

  • Fan and Fan Motor

Another potential reason why your air conditioner is not blowing cold air might be due to the fan or fan motor. Fan is an important component of the whole unit as it draws air over to the evaporator coils. In case it has become faulty, no or very little air will flow over the evaporator coils. As a result, your AC will work but will not perform required cooling.

Fix Method

Both the fan and fan motor are located inside the cabinet, so in order to access these you will have to remove the cabinet. Ensure that the fan motor turns easily and there are no visible damages on the blade. In case the motor is faulty or the blades have been damaged then the only solution left is to replace them. Even if the motor is turning on easily it still might be defective. You need to bring a multimeter in your use so that you can check the working of these components.

Frigidaire Air Conditioner Not Cooling
Frigidaire Air Conditioner Not Cooling

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  • Temperature Control

If the above two issues have been cleared then it must be your thermostat or temperature control that is causing the problem. Thermostat is responsible for monitoring the incoming temperature of air and turning the compressor ON or OFF respectively. There is a sensing bulb present which is responsible for monitoring the room temperature and informing the thermostat control to turn ON the compressor when the set temperature is lower as compared to the room temperature.

Now imagine your thermostat being defective. If this is the case then the compressor will never know what to do due to the lack of power.

Fix Method

Check the sensing bulb thoroughly and look for possible damages. If you find any bends or kinks then you need to replace the control as soon as possible. Moreover, you can also check the continuity using a multimeter.

  • Electronic Control Board

Electronic Control Board might be one of the culprits behind your Frigidaire air conditioner not cooling problem. This control board is referred to as PCB and is in conjunction with a thermister. It monitors the incoming air temperature and turns the compressor ON or OFF depending upon the temperature selection.

Fix Method

The thermister is usually present at the front of the evaporator coil. Power will not be sent to the compressor if the thermister is found to be defective. As a result, there will be no cooling at all. Check this component completely and if nothing can be done just simply replace it.

  • Capacitor

Capacitor is the most important component of your AC unit. If it stops working then the compressor will only flow warm air. Some of the window ACs use a run capacitor present in the fan motor circuit.

Fix Method

Remove the cover of the cabinet in order to access the compressor and capacitors. Check the capacitors thoroughly as they can be defective although they seem to be okay. Contact a skilled person to perform a check.


The last component to check is the thermistor. If every other component seems to be okay then the problem must belong to this particular component. Thermistor is responsible for monitoring the incoming air temperature. It then sends the signals to the main control board to turn the compressor either ON or OFF. This device is present near the evaporator coil. Make a replacement for the thermistor if it is found to be defective. Call a professional to do the job.

Frigidaire Air Conditioner Not Cooling
Frigidaire Air Conditioner Not Cooling

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q – Why is my AC running but not getting cooler?

A – If your AC is working but not making the temperature cooler then the issue might be in the condenser coil. The coil might have become clogged or defective with the passage of time. If there is no issue then the condenser fan will draw all the warm air out making the temperature cooler.

Q – How do I reset my AC unit?

A – You can reset your AC unit by performing a reset using a reset button. This reset button is usually small and red and is located near the unit. Look for the button having “reset” written on it. Once located, press it for three seconds to complete the procedure.

The End:

All in all, every electronic appliance comes up with new issues every day. Instead of panicking, you just need to figure out the ways to solve them. It doesn’t matter which issue you come across, you can always solve it by giving your undivided attention to it. Read this article to find out more!

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