Samsung Top Load Washer Won’t Start Cycle [10 Fixes]

Consider it a need of time that you should now upgrade your washing machine to a top loader. If you have already done this then we have lots of good things to discuss with you. Although the front loader has its own advantages, there are some features possessed by a top loader which makes it stand out. The powerful cleaning capabilities, advanced settings and a number of wash cycles make Samsung top loader a great pick for you!

Samsung Top Load Washer Won’t Start Cycle

Expecting great features like fast load loading, efficient cycle time and less energy consumption from a Samsung top load washer is a common practice. But what if one day suddenly the washer refuses to start a cycle? Bummer. Today, I will be talking about this issue extensively and will be covering each and every possible fix to solve this issue.

Why Won’t My Samsung Top Loader Won’t Start a Cycle?

There isn’t just one answer to this question. Lots of reasons contribute to this statement and if you want to know them all, keep following this article till the end.

Samsung Top Load Washer Won’t Start Cycle
Samsung Top Load Washer Won’t Start Cycle

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  • Power Disruption
  • Faulty Lid Switch
  • Jammed Buttons
  • Enabled Child Lock
  • Damp Control Panel
  • Drain Clogging
  • Broken Motor
  • Defective User Control Display
  • Defective Control Board

After knowing all the reasons, it is time to discuss them in a more detailed way along with their relevant fixes.

1. Power Disruption

The top load washer will obviously come into running when it is getting sufficient power supply. If the case is otherwise, then it will refuse to start a new cycle. To fix this, consider the fixes mentioned below.

Fix 1

Make sure your washing machine is turned ON. It might happen that you are trying to operate a machine whose main switch is turned OFF.

Fix 2

Now comes the circuit breaker. The main purpose of a circuit breaker is to protect your washer from possible damages, it might happen that it gets tripped during the process. In order to resolve this, reset the breaker and then try to restart your washer.

Fix 3

After the circuit breaker comes thermal fuse and line fuse. The purpose of a thermal fuse is that it protects your top loader from getting overheated whereas a line fuse is meant to protect the circuit from electric overload. Use a multimeter to ensure the working of both these components. If the continuity is shown on the multimeter then it means they are working fine otherwise replace whichever is the faulty one.

Fix 4

Check the plugging of your washer’s power cable. If it is not plugged in correctly then the washer will not receive enough power to start a cycle.

Fix 5

In case you are using a surge protector, my advice would be to stop using it immediately. Samsung doesn’t provide any type of support to surge protectors. It might reduce the power supply preventing the top loader from starting.

Fix 6

Sometimes the issue might not be in your machine but in the outlet. Make sure that the power outlet in which you have inserted the machine’s plug is in a working state. To confirm this, use a multimeter. In case no continuity is shown, you must contact the electricians to make the required changes.

Fix 7

Make sure that the cord of your power cable is undamaged. In case it is damaged, no proper power flow will be detected which will prevent your washer from starting a cycle. Call an electrician and make the required changes.

2. Faulty Lid Switch

You might have heard about a lid switch. Samsung top loaders have this switch present. The machine won’t start until and unless the lid is not closed properly. Luckily, if they do then the clothes won’t spin properly.


Check the washer lid deeply. If any object is blocking the lid then remove it immediately and if this isn’t the issue then check the switch with a multimeter. In case any issue is found, replace the switch at your earliest.

3. Jammed Buttons

Error codes like bE1, bE2 or E2 show that the buttons have been jammed. This might be one of the reasons why your top loader isn’t starting.


Identify the button which has been jammed and once found gently release it. Try restarting the washer.

4. Enabled Child Lock

Activated child lock will prevent the washer from starting. The whole control panel gets locked once the child lock is activated which will cause the washer to stop working.


Make sure the child lock is disabled.

5. Damp Control Panel

Using washer in humid areas might cause the control panel to go unresponsive. Even if you touch it with wet hands, it will stop working and won’t show any response.


Avoid operating the washer in humid areas. Make sure to not touch the control panel with wet hands and if you did, dry the panel properly as soon as you can.

6. Drain Clogging

Sometimes the washer will refuse to start a cycle in case of a clogged drain pipe. The drainage will also be affected greatly due to clogging.


Check the drain and clean it thoroughly. Make sure no debris or other stuff is present in the pipe that might be the reason for the blockage.

7. Broken Motor

The motor in a washer is responsible for making the drum spin. If it is damaged then the washer will not work or stop working in mid-cycle.


Listen to the sound of your motor carefully. If it is making a whining sound then it means it is broken and needs a quick replacement. Along with this, visually inspect the machine motor to look for possible damages.

8. Defective User Control and Display Board

A defective user control and display board will prevent the washer from starting. For confirmation, press the buttons present on the display. If the buttons are unresponsive then it means the display board is defective. Along with this, make sure there is enough power because insufficient power might cause the display board to stop working.


Replace the faulty display board with a new one. Make sure there is an adequate power supply for the washer.

9. Defective Control Board

If none of the above fixes works then the issue might be in the main control board. You should check it thoroughly before calling a technician.


After calling the technician if he gives a thumbs-up for replacement then wait no more. In the worst case scenario, the technician might suggest you replace the washer instead of the control board.

Samsung Top Load Washer Won’t Start Cycle
Samsung Top Load Washer Won’t Start Cycle

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I reset my Samsung top load washer?

In order to reset your Samsung top load washer, unplug the power cord and wait for about 3-5 minutes. After this plug back the cord and see if the washer works properly or not.

Why will my Samsung washer not start a cycle?

The most common cause for this issue is the activation of child lock. Check whether the lock is activated or not and if it is then disable it immediately.

Concluding Words

All in all, every possible problem and fix has been explained in the above section of this article. If you are willing to solve the problem on your own then you are more than welcome to try the above fixes. Solving these issues will give you enough confidence to start working on bigger problems.

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