GE vs LG Washer [Comparison Explain Which is Better 2024]

Many people would know about the two famous brands GE and LG. GE is short for General Electric whereas LG has the abbreviation Lucky-Goldstar. They are very popular among people and people often get confused whenever they go to purchase any appliance.

When you have two most famous brands on line then it becomes difficult to choose which one is the better one. Today, we are going to declare the winner of this battle so that this most asked query gets answered.

GE vs LG washer [Complete Explained 2024]

Do we have your attention now? Well, you would know this thing that some products are useful in one scenario while the others are useful in a different scenario. Keeping our talk specifically to GE and LG, both of them are useful but in different situations.

If you are demanding a user-friendly washer then you would have to go with GE. Reason being, it provides understandable and operable controls. The users won’t face any difficulty while navigating through various options.

On the other hand, if your primary focus is reliability then definitely choose LG washer. Its machine parts and technicians are more available which builds a sense of reliability among the users.

These were the two major differences. But there are some other differences as well between the two washers when it comes to size, weight, turbo wash, price, dispenser size etc.

GE vs LG washer
GE vs LG washer

GE vs LG Washer [9 Key Differences]

The difference between GE and LG washers is clearly depicted in the table mentioned-below.

Parameters GE Washer Brand LG Washer Brand
Reliability Less reliable than LG More reliable than GE
Ease Of Use User-friendly Less user-friendly
Washer Size Larger and deeper Slightly smaller
Washer Weight Weighs less Weighs more
Turbo Wash Absent Present
Mold Control Better mold control Less superior to GE’s
Auto Dispenser Size High capacity Small capacity
Aesthetics Less aesthetic More aesthetic
Price More affordable options Slightly fewer affordable options

GE vs LG Washer Comparison

The 9 differences which you have just witnessed in the table above will now be discussed in great detail.

GE vs LG Washer
GE vs LG Washer

  1. Reliability

Generally when we talk about reliability then it includes 3 things;

  •       Quality of the parts
  •       Servicing level
  •       Availability of parts

In this domain, LG wins a point. The reason for this is that LG dealers are more than the GE dealers. So it means you will have more LG technicians available around you for help. Secondly, the availability of the washer parts is also more of the LG brand. They are even available locally. But the service or quality that the machine parts provide have no comparison. Both of them excel the highest quality so yes, it is difficult to choose among the two considering the “servicing” parameter.


As far as reliability is concerned, LG scores a point. But the score gets even in the performance part.

  1. Usability

An LG washer has more functions that could be confusing for a beginner. This doesn’t include in the definition of user-friendliness. It means LG doesn’t score a point here. On the contrary, GE washers have less functions which are easy to use. This makes the user experience better and people most likely fall for such user-friendly machines. In conclusion, GE scores a point here.


GE washers are a better option to consider when your main focus is user-friendliness. The machine has straight-forward options and also enjoys better online support.

  1. Washer size

The sizes in both the brands are somehow the same but still GE washers are slightly deeper and larger than the LG washers. For instance, a full-size LG washer has a width of 27 inches whereas the GE washer is 28 inches. Moreover, the depth of a full-size LG washer is 30.25 inches while that of GE is 34 inches.


LG washers are a great pick if you want to use them in a compact space.

  1. Washer weight

You might be thinking that the washer having more width and depth will obviously weigh more but it is the exact opposite of that. A full size top-loader GE washer has a weight of 100 pounds while the LG washer has a weight of about 140-160 pounds. So GE wins the point for portability while LG wins the point for compact space.


If you are looking for portability then go with GE washers as they have a slightly less weight.

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  1. Turbo wash

The turbo wash technology is the one thing which gives LG an upper hand. This latest technology is owned by LG, other companies have tried to include this feature in their washers but unfortunately no luck.

Higher water temperature and motion action combines together to provide a much faster wash cycle. This will reduce the wash cycle duration making the process more efficient. On the other hand, GE washers also have shorter wash cycles but they are restricted to smaller loads only.


The turbo wash technology in LG washers is for both smaller loads as well as larger loads. Unfortunately, in GE washers the short wash cycles are only for the smaller loads.

  1. Mold control

In LG washers, the mold is controlled using a Tub Clean cycle. You keep the machine’s door open, dry the surface a bit after use and activate the Tub Clean cycle.

In GE washers, you don’t have to worry about opening the machine’s door and drying the surface. The Odor Black fan and Micro ban surface will handle all the things on their own.


The mold control technology is present in both the washers but still GE washers score a win here due to the presence of Odor Black fan and Micro ban surface.

  1. Auto detergent dispenser

In LG washers there is an 18-load capacity auto detergent dispenser. Whereas in GE the load-capacity is 32. So it is clear if you want a larger dispenser then go with GE washers.


GE washers have a higher load-capacity than the LG washers.

  1. Design

It is a known fact that LG washers have a more attractive look than the GE washers. They are narrower and shallower that makes them look even more aesthetic. Moreover, the intelligent controls are present on the control panel which gives an overall outstanding look.


The design debate will continue because it depends on the model you go for. But on a general level, LG washers have a more sleek design.

  1. Washer Price:

If you are a budget-conscious person then it is recommended to buy a GE washer. Reason being, it is budget-friendly as compared to LG. But LG washers are also not too expensive. If you have a budget of $1000 then you can buy anyone of the two.


Both of the washers are budget-friendly but GE is more affordable.

GE vs LG Washer Types

  • Front load washer

The key difference between the two front load washers is that the GE washers are larger. You will also be provided with an overnight cycle in GE washers. In this cycle, you can leave your clothes overnight and it wouldn’t be a problem.

However, in LG washers you will be assisted with a turbo wash technology which provides shorter wash cycles. At last, the mold control technology is better in GE washers because of Odor Black fan and Micro ban surface.

GE vs LG Washer
GE vs LG Washer
  • Top load washer

Feature-wise both the washers provide equal functionality but when it comes to reliability then we know which one is better. By now, if you still have no idea about it then let us make it clear to you. In top-load washers, the LG washers score a win because their machine parts and technicians are easily available.

On the other hand, GE washers provide more user-friendliness as compared to the LG washers. Another thing in which LG washers are good at is the rinse performance. You can always count on these washers when it comes to rinse performance.

  • Dryer combo

Dryer combo is a single option which is presented equally by both the brands. Various features, ease of use and large loading capacity is offered by both the brands. But a slight difference among the two washers is that GE dryers are a bit noisier than the LG dryers.

LG dryers are more energy-efficient, produce less noise and also provide smart integration. Now it is up to you whether you want to go for the GE dryers or the LG ones.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the take on GE washers?

GE washers are usable for domestic as well as commercial use. They are user-friendly, energy-efficient and provide other features as well. Moreover, you will get to use the mold-control technology along with the overnight cycle.

How are the LG washers?

If your primary focus is reliability then you should definitely go for the LG washers. You can easily get the machine parts and find a technician whenever you come across any issue.

Which of the two washers is better?

It totally depends on your preferences. If you want reliability then go for the LG washers but if you want user-friendliness then GE would be a better option to go for.

Final Thoughts:

Various appliances are developed by keeping in mind different scenarios. A thing could be useful in one situation but it can become totally useless in any other situation. So depending upon your personal preferences, it is recommended that you make a wise choice among the two of them.

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