Why Is Attic Cleaning and Insulation Important?

Homeowners who don’t give their attics much use apart from storage often forget to clean them from time to time and don’t give them the proper maintenance they need. They think they shouldn’t spend time cleaning a place they don’t use for anything. However, doing it is important.

Something similar happens with insulation. Not everyone knows how it works, but you definitely can’t take it for granted. If you have an attic and wonder what you should do with it, read this page.

You can find similar blog posts on our website. However, we understand that it’s often difficult to clean an attic that has been accumulating dust and dirt for months. In that case, you should hire a company that offers attic cleaning and insulation services.

Pure Eco Inc. is one of those companies. It offers attic cleaning and other HVAC-related services, such as insulation removal and soundproofing.

Hire it if you need a local HVAC expert. You can learn more about what it offers and its practice areas on its website, so check it out if you ever need it.

Moisture and Mold Issues

One of the main reasons you should focus on attic cleaning and insulation is to avoid moisture and mold problems in the future. Mold growth and moisture buildup in one place can lead to dangerous health problems and allergies, even if you are not in the room.

It’s not like what’s up in your attic won’t affect you. The moisture and mold will get to other rooms in your house and make you develop the problems mentioned before. Investing in proper insulation is an excellent way of keeping this from happening.

As for health problems, mold could make you develop respiratory issues, such as asthma. Nonetheless, that’s not the only problem you need to worry about. Even if you don’t get sick, structural damage could cost you a lot of money.

Moisture buildup rots wood structure, deteriorates existing insulation, and damages roof decking. When you damage the structural integrity of your house, it will lose market value in the future. Besides that, you will have to spend a lot on house repairs and additional services.


Speaking about spending money, if you want to save as much as you can, investing in insulation can help you along the way.

People often avoid paying for proper insulation because they think it’s wasting their money, but you recover your investment with how much you save from energy bills. How does this work? Insulation regulates the temperature in your house.

If the temperature of your home is stable, you don’t need to have your HVAC devices on all the time. Keeping your AC on all day will cost you tons monthly, but doing the opposite increases energy efficiency and makes energy bills more affordable.

The temperature in your attic gets to other rooms in your house. Hence, insulating a place you don’t often use at home can help you keep other areas cool.

Pest Control

Critters are one of the most common issues property owners in the U.S. have to struggle with. When dirt builds up in your attic, it attracts animals nearby to start living there. That includes many kinds of animals.

However, cleaning your attic won’t be enough to keep this problem from happening. You need to look for pest infestations already there and entry points for pests to get into your house.

Although many critters will stay in your attic, others could go out, steal food, or even attack your family members. This problem is more serious than many people think, and it’s essential to address it as soon as possible.

Regardless of that, if there are already critters in your attic, you shouldn’t try to clean it yourself. Wild animals are dangerous, so it’s best to hire a pest control agency or attic cleaning services in Los Angeles to get rid of that problem.

Pure Eco Inc., among other HVAC-related services, offers attic cleaning solutions. You could call it and ask for a quote for their options to see if they can help you in any way. Call a pest control agency if there is a rodent or any other animal in your attic.

Home Value

Even if you are not planning on selling your house in the near future, you may want to do it in the future. Naturally, you will want to recover the initial investment you made in the property or at least get enough for another one.

You need to do what you can to keep your house’s home value while you live in it. Cleaning your attic and investing in insulation helps you do that and even increase your property’s worth.

Paying for other house projects will also help you increase your home value, so you shouldn’t hesitate to do it. Sometimes, spending money on your house helps you save more money than the one you think you are losing.

Home Temperature

As we mentioned before, investing in proper insulation for your attic and cleaning it helps you regulate the temperature in your house. When the air heats up, it starts to rise and creates convection currents. Those currents fly down staircases and through doorways.

Small gaps and outlets can even serve as an opportunity for convection currents to get to other rooms in the house. Natural ventilation can also promote that. You have to insulate your attic to control how cool or warm you want your home to be.

Apart from cleaning your attic and insulating it, investing in HVAC systems may also help you control your house’s temperature. However, you should ask a technician before buying or installing a new heating or cooling unit.

Wrapping Up

Keeping your attic clean and properly insulated is essential for protecting your home’s structural integrity and its value. Regardless of that, you need to do it safely and with the help of a professional.

You can try to clean your attic yourself if the problem hasn’t gone that far. Nonetheless, HVAC technicians and cleaners are ideal for deeper cleaning and unit installation.

Pure Eco Inc. Insulation is one of the companies in Los Angeles and surrounding areas such as San Bernardino, and Ventura. It offers a wide variety of services, such as attic and air duct cleaning, soundproofing, unit installation, maintenance, and replacements.

Go to our website to learn more about HVAC-related situations and how to manage them correctly!

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