Hotpoint Washer not Spinning Clothes Dry [Fixation 2024]

So I assume you are also an owner of Hotpoint washer right? Otherwise you wouldn’t have come here to go through such pain of finding and implementing the troubleshooting methods when your washer refuses to spin clothes dry.

You might think, what are the actual reasons behind this problem, right? To be precise, there are many. I would like to add that not every problem might be the problem you are facing. So what you need to do is figure out that one problem which is causing the issue and apply the related fix method for it.

Hotpoint Washer not Spinning Clothes Dry

Following are the reasons why Hotpoint washer doesn’t spin your clothes dry.

  • Load Imbalance
  • Machine Wobbliness
  • Inadequate Power
  • Bad Drainage
  • Slow Spin Wash Cycle
  • Wrong Detergent
  • Loose Water Valve
  • Faulty Lock
  • Defective Washer Belt

How to Fix Hotpoint Washer not Spinning Clothes Dry Issue?

You just need to try out the above mentioned fixes one by one in order to make your Hotpoint Washer to spin clothes dry.

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Hotpoint Washer not Spinning Clothes Dry
Hotpoint Washer not Spinning Clothes Dry

  1. Load Imbalance

According to the official consideration of Hotpoint, it has been stated that most of its washers fail to spin due to load imbalance. But this is not the issue, sometimes the washers can still perform spinning leaving the clothes wet.

To make a confirmation, you need to look at load-imbalance signs. For instance, some Hotpoint washers have a light which indicates when you unbalance or overload the laundry. While the rest of the models immediately stop spinning as soon as they detect a laundry imbalance or overload.

Fix Method

The thing you are interested in is balancing the load. For this, redistribute the laundry evenly in the washing machine. Also make sure that you don’t overload the tub otherwise the washer will not spin properly and you might come across wet clothes.

  1. Machine Wobbliness

A Hotpoint washer will not bring you any trouble as long as it is stable. Unleveled feet is one major cause of wobbliness. It might interfere with the spinning if you put wet clothes out of balance.

Fix Method

Closely look at the washer’s feet and make the required adjustments if the machine seems to be wobbly. You might want to use a spanner to make the adjustments. But if you are still not sure about the washer being wobbled then move it to an even surface.

  1. Inadequate Power

Hotpoint washers require sufficient power in order to complete its wash cycle. In case any issue comes with the power supply, the washer will permanently stop the spin and your laundry will not be dried.

Reasons Reducing the Power Supply

  • xtension Cord

The power required by your Hotpoint washer is 120 volts in order to work properly. Unfortunately, many extension cords will not guarantee you this. Their nature of being inconsistent might stop your washer from completing a spin cycle.

  • Loose Power Cord

The presence of a loose power cord will allow your washer to spin but it will not dry your clothes. This is another frustrating issue to deal with.

Fix Method

It is advised that never plug in the extension cord instead use a direct outlet to do the job. But you need to make sure that there is no loose power cord present. If you are not sure about the issue then talk to a local technician and have your issue resolved.

  1. Poor Drainage

Every washer has a strict demand to have a good drainage in order to spin dry the clothes. If the drainage is bad then the dirty water will go back and stagnate in the tub. As a result, the clothes will be wet even after the spin cycle has been completed.

However, if you want to have good drainage then it will depend on several factors including drain pipe, drain pump, drain filter and drain height. If any of it goes defective then it will not spin your clothes dry.

Make sure to check the following.

  • In-pipe Clogging

Ensure that the drain hose isn’t dirt-clogged. In case it is dirt-clogged, the washer’s wastewater will not drain.

  • Pipe Pinching

If there are kinks present in your drain pipe then it might interfere with the wastewater drainage and cause back siphoning.

  • Drain Pump Malfunctioning

Having a broken drain pump or a pump clogged with dirt might bring you some problems. First of all, it won’t pump out the wastewater and secondly it will leave behind the wet laundry.

  • Drain Filters being Clogged

In case your drain filters have been clogged, it will slow down the wastewater drainage significantly.

Fix Method

You will have to clean the drain pump and pipe using a cleaner. It will undoubtedly eliminate the dirt clogging. If the hose is pinched then you need to move the washer away so that it can be stretched. Unfortunately, you will have to replace the pump if it is damaged.

  1. Slow-Spin Wash Cycle

Every washing machine has a different cycle. Some of them spin faster as compared to others. These models remove more water as compared to others. However, slow-spin cycles are best when dealing with delicate clothes. But using a slow spin cycle on an excessive load will have your laundry dripping water.

Fix Method

Choose the spin cycle carefully. Select a fast spin cycle when dealing with bulky loads while for delicate clothes you need to use a slow spin cycle.

  1. Wrong Detergent Choice

Using a non-HE detergent causes more foam and suds as compared to the HE detergents. Presence of excess suds causes extra dampness which means that the clothes will still be wet once the cycle is complete.

Fix Method

Always opt for HE detergents to avoid excess suds formation.

  1. Loose Water Valve

There could be a possibility of your washer leaking internally. If this happens, the water will keep dripping in the drum. As a result, your clothes will stay wet no matter what. The reason behind this is the presence of loose water valves.

Fix Method

Closely inspect the water valve and make sure it is not loose. If the valve is tight but the problem still persists then you need to replace the inlet valve.

Hotpoint Washer not Spinning Clothes Dry
Hotpoint Washer not Spinning Clothes Dry

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are my clothes still wet after spin cycle Hotpoint?

A – If your clothes are still wet even after a spin cycle then you need to check the drain pump, drain filters, and drain hose for possible blockages. Other causes might include an unbalanced washer, loose drive belt or using a wrong detergent.

How do I reset my Hotpoint washer?

A – To reset your Hotpoint washer you need to turn off the washer first. Disconnect the power for around 20 seconds and then reconnect the power.


All in all, Hotpoint washer not spinning clothes dry is an annoying issue to come across. You need to solve it as soon as possible. There is nothing that can stop you from solving this issue if you are aware of proper troubleshooting methods. Above I have mentioned each and every related step so you can perform them without any inconvenience.

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