Bosch Dishwasher cant Change Cycle [5 Things To Do]

It is actually a panic situation when your dishwasher stops working. Luckily, there are many manuals available that could help you to figure out certain problems. The nature of the problem would vary in every case. Suppose, you are hearing a continuous beeping sound from your dishwasher while your friend is not able to change the cycle on his dishwasher. The nature of the problem differs here, right?

To dig a little deeper, we have prepared a whole guide for you that will help you in understanding why Bosch Dishwasher cant Change Cycle, what are its reasons and how to troubleshoot them. Keep on reading this article to explore more.

Bosch Dishwasher Cant Change Cycle Why?

The reasons that prevent your dishwasher to not change cycle includes:

  •       Opening of the door mid-cycle
  •       Addition of more dishes mid-cycle
  •       A broken door latch

We are not saying that these are the only reasons but these are the most common ones. There are other reasons as well which we will be discussing in the next section of this article.

How Can I make My Bosch dishwasher Change Cycle?

It gets really frustrating when you have bought a dishwasher for your ease but it is piling up the work for you instead. Know that if your Bosch dishwasher can’t change cycle then the utensils will remain unclean and won’t come out clean.

Do you really want to see those filthy utensils coming out in a much worse condition? Of course not! We have some to-dos that you might want to carry out in order to resolve this issue. Do you want to learn how to carry out each one of them? Well, stay tuned then!

How Can I make My Bosch dishwasher Change Cycle?
How Can I make My Bosch dishwasher Change Cycle?

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  1. Reset using control panel

Talking about soft reset, it is actually the opposite of a hard reset. If you want to bring your appliance to its default setting then it is recommended to perform a hard reset. In case of a normal reset, you could perform a soft reset. The latter reset requires you to press the reset or start button for 3 – 5 seconds. After doing this, if the dishwasher motor starts moving again as before then it means it will work as intended.

Do I have your attention? As this discussion requires your full concentration. The placement of the control panel is different in every model. Some of them might be present on the outside unit, while some underneath the counter.

Having a control panel underneath the counter will be accessed by opening the door first. You have to quickly press the “Start” button and close the door. If the activity pump starts working then it means the reset was successful. In case a cycle has been completed, the control panel will either light up or produce a sound.

Resetting an old model of a Bosch dishwasher

By the way if you are using an old model of a Bosch dishwasher then there are less chances for you to find the “Reset” button. Reason being, older models have this button labelled as “Drain” or “Cancel”. To perform a reset, follow the below steps.

  •       Make sure that the latch is closed
  •       Press both the buttons, Hold and Rinse for three to five seconds
  •       Press the “Rinse” button again
  •       Drain the water out of the appliance by activating the drain pump
  •       Wait for “Done” or “Complete” message at the end of a successful drain
  •       Let your dishwasher to go into the standby mode to perform a complete reset

This will reset your Bosch dishwasher in case you are using an older model.

Resetting an old model of a Bosch dishwasher
Resetting an old model of a Bosch dishwasher

  1. Hard manual reset

Can I be totally honest with you? Sometimes the reset from a control panel might not work properly. I mean you have tried pressing all the required key combinations but still no luck. Here comes the hard reset to the rescue. To do this, follow the below instructions.

  • Unplug the dishwasher’s power cord from the socket
  • Wait for about 15 seconds and re-plug the power cord
  • Don’t start the dishwasher immediately after re-plugging the power cord
  • Also make sure that the power cord doesn’t have contact with any liquid to avoid electrocution

Another way to try if this doesn’t work is to unplug the dishwasher completely. Head towards the circuit breaker box and switch off the right source. One important thing to consider here is that when you are about to turn off the source, make sure you turn off the right one. To make a confirmation, check the labelling of the source and whichever one has “Dishwasher” written on it, turn it off. Turn back the breaker after waiting for 5 – 7 minutes.

Resolving E15 dishwasher error

First, let’s discuss the meaning of this error code. The E15 error code pops up when the water enters the sensors present at the bottom of the dishwasher. This could happen due to cracks or leakage. The best approach to solve this problem is to first turn off the dishwasher by unplugging it and then check the pipe for possible leakages. If found, fix them and then run your dishwasher to ensure it’s working.

  1. Deactivating the child lock

Do you know that your Bosch dishwasher won’t work if it has the child lock enabled? Well, it is because they have their own safety guidelines which must be followed whatsoever. Now if you are wondering how it is related to the working of my dishwasher then let us guide you with that.

Having this lock enabled will restrict your children from interfering into the cycle, stop the current cycle, start a new one or alter it. So if you have a cycle currently going on and it finishes then the dishwasher won’t change the cycle due to the child lock.

To make it change the cycle, it is advised to disable/deactivate the child lock from the settings and use your dishwasher seamlessly.

  1. Selection of correct settings

No wonder you always get excited whenever you purchase a new appliance. You get all hyped up and start tempering with the settings. Do you know that this tempering could bring many errors into action?

I know this feeling, trust me, whenever you interact with a new device you want to get as much involved as possible. But the recommendation is that don’t ruin the default settings until and unless you are sure about it.

Check all the relevant settings because the activation of one setting could prevent the proper working of another setting. For instance, you would want to validate the key combinations after pressing them. It is simple, just enable the relevant settings so you could get the required feedback.

Lastly, make sure you have not selected any setting previously. Start fresh and choose only that setting which is actually demanded at the present.

Selection of correct settings
Selection of correct settings

  1. Replace the faulty door latch

Sometimes after trying all the possible fixes, you still face the same error and get clueless about the issue. Well, in this case if you have tried all the above fixes and still no luck then it is time for you to check the door latch. Your Bosch dishwasher not changing cycle might be due to a faulty door latch. Yes, you have heard it right!

If you are thinking that closing the door and latch properly is enough then you are wrong. There might be a situation when you have closed both the things properly but still the system cannot detect the latch. As a result, the unit will not perform a full cycle and will be unable to change it as well.

Outside interference from the children or pets can dislodge a door latch and can make it faulty. In this case, the dishwasher unit will label the door latch as faulty and will not detect or sense its presence.

To fix this issue, you need to replace the old door latch with a new one. If you have zero knowledge regarding the replacement then it is better to take outside help. However, it is really easy to do with the help of certain YouTube tutorials.

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Summary Table:

Let’s have a recap of what we have read so far.

Action Steps
Reset using control panel Keep pressing the “Reset” button for 3 – 5 seconds
Performing a hard, manual reset Unplug the power cord

Wait for at least 5 minutes

Plug back the power cord

Start a new wash cycle

Disabling the child lock Search for the control lock option on the control panel and turn it off
Selection of right settings Make sure you select the right settings that matches your preferences


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I reset the cycle on my Bosch dishwasher?

By following the below steps, you can perform a cycle reset.

  •       Make sure the power supply is OFF
  •       Cut off the water supply by using the valve below sink
  •       Remove the mounting bracket using a screwdriver
  •       Inspect the dishwasher and check for the latches
  •       Remove the door panel and search for the door switch
  •       Inspect it thoroughly using a multimeter
  •       In case it has been faulty, replace it

What are the steps to cancel a Bosch dishwasher cycle?

Follow the following steps.

  •       Open the door
  •       Press the “Reset” button present on the control panel
  •       Wait for the active light indicator to be off
  •       After one or two minutes press the On/Off button to end the current cycle
  •       Start a new wash cycle


In conclusion, if you don’t know how to reset your Bosch dishwasher then you will have to spend a lot of money on it. After reading this article, you must have an idea of how simple it is to reset your dishwasher.

The professionals demand a huge amount of money for this work. Do you really want that? Well, we encourage you to perform the fixes on your own so you don’t have to worry about other things.

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